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How to get seeds from marijuana plant?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by FreshPrince, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. How do you get seeds from your marijuana plant?
  2. stick in a quarter and turn the knob
  3. the same way you get them out of your bud b4 you smoke i guess.
  4. let the plant get pollinated
  5. Turn the knob? That's the old way. We have buttons now that you push :)
  6. bottons? fucc all that i got a remote.would have got the one were u just clap your hands and the seeds fall out but...2 expensive
  7. or perhaps we could give this newcomer an answer that would help him.... hmmm just a thought

    in order for your plant to have seeds (usually an undesirable) you need to have at least one male and one female plant together in the flowering room. the pollen from the male plant will get on the female plant causing it to produce seeds...

    for the most part seeds lower the resell value of weed due to the fact that the plant only has so much energy. if this energy is used to create seeds then it has less energy to build trichomes which create THC (the reason you get high)
  8. Google : Birds and Bees
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