how to get rid of gnats? baby gnats?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dude1, May 24, 2010.

  1. when i look closely at my soil, i see all these super small insects jumping up and down on the soil. so far what i've done was put some tape across the soil so when they jump, they get stuck. but i wanna get something strongre that'll KILL them.

    i went to home depot and couldnt find diatoucomous earth or neem oil.

    where can i find those products or what other ways to solve gnats?
  2. You'll probably need to visit a garden or hydro store to get neem or DE.
  3. hah the tape is funny. i just imagin like the movie a bugs life and seein a bug hangin on some tape lmao
  4. haha yeah . its kinda working. but the next day, i watered, and more started jumping. so ii'll probably try the sand method. seems the easiest.
  5. Yeah watering only makes them worse, have a look at the thread I posted and give one of the methods a try but do it quick before they get more out of hand, they will do it QUICK and then your shit will be fucked. I really like the guy in the videos method of hitting them from a few different ways. Good luck to you man, those little fuckers suck.
  6. predatory nematodes.
  7. Sounds like fungus gnats. The adults are pretty much harmless but their larvae feed on your plants roots. A good way to remedy this is to first slice up some potatoes and place them on the top of the soil. The rich starches will attract the larvae from the soil to the potato. After a couple days, throw the potatoes away and replace them with some chopped garlic, big chunks so that you can remove them later. This will help repel the remainder of any adults and/or larvae. Don't be too aggressive with them, for they are not too much to worry about like mites, those little fuckers :)
  8. If you let the soil dry out pretty good, that will destroy a lot of the larvae. To finish them off, add some hydrogen peroxide to water (a teaspoon or two /gal is plenty) and saturate the soil (make sure you dried it out good first). And you are done! Add some yellow sticky paper fly traps around the plants to prevent them from infecting again. The diatemaceous earth (SP?) is very good to use IMO, but it is kinda hard to run down.
  9. I dried the soil out and used an organic spray used on vegetables and other plants. I think it was insecticidal soap from Ortho. Almost all of them are gone, and the plant is looking a lot healthier.

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