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How to get really high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by andrewp420, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. It's obvious im a newb stoner. Only smoked 5-6 times.
    What's the best to smoke out of?
    Ways to inhale?

  2. step 1) smoke the marijuanas
    step 2) ??
    but in all seriousness I would go with a nice bong. It's impossible to inhale wrong on one of those and they conserve weed compared to other methods of smoking.
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  3. Bongs always do the trick for me tbh.The highest I've ever been though was when my 2 buddies and I combined each of our dime bags into one super blunt. After smoking about 2/3 we put it into a water bottle and smoked it like a bong. I don't even remember how or why we would even do such a thing but we were ripped.Definitely the highest I've ever been.TLDR: invest in a good bong if you can't roll a blunt. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. get yoself a bong n' pack bout 8 o 9 bizzowls
  5. DOn't inhale quick it actually is mor eirritating, inhale slowly after hitting your bong/pipe/joint/blunt/vape. I reccomend hitting bong or a pipe. I enjoy joints too. You only need a bowl or less to get high since you are just starting so have fun and an indication it's good quality weed is if it smells really skunky, is sticky, and obviously gets you stoned. 
    Best of luck
  6. Snort the marijuana, then inject some into you veins./ 
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  7. there are soo many threads made all the time for this exact question  :mellow:
  8. Hey AndrewP420, try a knifer. cut off the bottom of a plastic milf jug or juice jug, put a small nug on a plate, turn your oven burner on and stick two knives between the coils, get em hot then using one knife dab the bud off the plate using one knife and stick it under the jug and compress it with the other hot knife and inhale. 

    Probably will need a friend to do this with you but your gonna get some extreme greens taste in your mouth and it rips hard, you'll cough and get fucked up dawg
  9. I hear snapping small one hit bowls gets you higher, I don't know how true this is though. Also you can try edibles of course, you'll be good for hours.
  10. Have a reefer party. Have a bowl and a joint being passes one way, the bong and the vaporizer another way. That way you're getting all the different methods in and it fucks ya right up. You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
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  11. All of these little things help:
    Use a bong (colder/more water = more filtration, meaning you can take bigger hits more smoothly -> get higher)
    Use a vape
    Grind up weed so it burns better
    Hold in hits longer
    Breath in/out hits through nose
    ^ That last one I learned the hard way. My friend was already high and decided to blow his last hit right at my face, and my nose and everything in my face felt like it just lost all of its bone and cartilage. Basically I was insanely high for a few minutes, then steadied at a good buzz
  12. [quote name="666Bleezys" post="19440273" timestamp="1391151409"]get yoself a bong n' pack bout 8 o 9 bizzowls[/quote]8 or 9 bowls... That's like 4 grams to most... OP I suggest you don't smoke that much because your newSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. -Bongs are definitely the best for the high -vaporizers are easier on the lungs -bowls/glass pipes/spoons/chillums are all good for mobility -blunts and joints are good for groups of people-gravity bongs are a pain to make, but they get you pretty fucked up, good if you don't want to spend money in a good bong.
  14. Literally swallow the smoke, breathe it in really deeply. Like, to the pit of your stomach. Then HOLD. Hold it in as long as you can. Try exhaling through your nose versus your mouth too
  15. There is no difference between taking one giant toke and taking 2 or 3 smaller tokes. Your lungs absorb the THC within the first 3 seconds, so holding it is pointless. In fact, holding it only irritates your lungs and causes more tar to be deposited if you're smoking it. Yes, exhaling through the nose gets you higher because leftover THC gets absorbed through the mucous membranes. However, the extra high is so minimal, it's hardly worth the irritation to the nose that some people experience.
  16. My bong eats up weed. It sucks I never use it. It gets you baked but it just takes so much.

    But OP, I like blunts a lot. Blunts always give me a very nice and really stoned high, especially if I smoke the whole thing by myself which i usually can't even do and only smoke half a blunt. And I only smoke good, so if you smoke mids you may need to smoke a full blunt. But if you're new like you say you are, then half a blunt should still do you justice.
  17. every new smoker needs a spoon. you are not a smoker until you have one.
    eat copious amounts of sugar after smoking your weed in your spoon.
    get fancy with breathing techniques and learn yoga.
    avoid coffee, it's a drug on its own.
    practice french inhales often.
    be all you can be blade!
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  18. Bigger hits will get you higher than smaller hits. 1 huge bong rip could get you a lot higher than 5 normal hits from a joint. But weed really isn't about getting as high as possible every time. I mean it can be if you want it to be but you're probably going to find that a lot of the time you just want to chill and get buzzed. It's up to you though.
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  19. How about starting with the best weed you can get your hands on? Bong is the shit.

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