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How to get prescribed adderall

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by yota420, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Okay, here is the deal. I live with my parents still (im a senior in HS but i am 18). I asked my mom in 9th grade about going to teh doctor bc i think I'm add and she said no way, add is just a excuse for being lazy blah blah. Well anyways, i do seriously think i am add. I can't concentrate for shit, and when i take adderall (aside from teh first few times) i am just more clear minded... not hyper at all. Another strange thing is that it actually seems as if adderall increases my appetite even at higher doses (though it didnt the first 10 or so times i took it). I currently take it about twice a week just to catch up on school work and stuff, occasionally just because im bored out of my mind. I am not prescribed it, i just get it from a friend. Anyways, i really want to get prescribed it, and take it as prescribed daily.

    One question I have is what do I tell the doctor my address is when filling out paper work? If i would receive any sort of mail, I cannot use my home address. I was thinking about just getting a PO box?

    Anyways, i would not be able to go through insurance so I want to get a prescription as quickly as possible. Now, another friend that is prescribed adderall told me that his doctor would prescribe it to me, but i didnt really talk to him about it to see how long it would take or anything. What would be the best thing to say to the doctor?

    I was thinking about just saying when I was middle school i was prescribed ritalin, but stopped taking it because it made me depressed and irritable. Id also say that I constantly find myself spacing off (which is true). Like I read a couple pages in a book, and realize i have no idea what i read and have to go back and reread it, sometimes multiple times. Also I constantly space off in class, and even during tests.

    What about saying that I was talking to a friend and he said he switched from ritalin to adderall and that the adderall lasted longer and didn't have any side effects?
    Do you think saying i took ritalin would make him want to prescribe a non-stimulant?

    Any suggestions on what to say? I really can't afford to go to a psychiatrist multiple times just to get a prescription, or pay hundreds for a ADD test.
  2. Alright a few things.

    First off, do you have alot of cash? Because without insurance you can doctor shop, go to a new doctor every time, and say that you don't have any med records, because you're 18 no longer living with your parents, and you haven't seen your General practictioner in a few years. The only problem, its going to cost you alot of money. My insurance covers everything, I never pay for anything, ever, as many drs, pills, clinics, w/e I want :) But with you, might cost a bit of cash, but if you have it you're fine.

    As far as your home address, they WONT send shit there unless you ask. Due to Dr-Patient confidentiallidy, they will only talk to you over the phone, in person, or if you request a copy of something, don't request anything, and nothing will come :)

    As far as saying you were prescibed ritalin, that may work, but he might want to see your records, claim you don't have them and you could get away with this.

    I know there are tests for add that he may want you to take, but I'm sure you can trick those, or try to weasle out of them.

    Def tell him about spacing off and all that stuff you said, but I wouldn't mention the part about a friend. Taking medical advise based on a friend ins't too good, unless its for non-abused drugs, like saying "My friend had heartburn and ...."

    Can't really help you much because I've never tried to get stimulants from a dr.
  3. ok dude.

    theres no point in getting it without health insurance, the pills are like 4 bucks each, with doctor bills.

    anyways make sure you are not doing it for the wrong reasons.
  4. From what I've heard if you so much as mention adderal, you won't be getting any.
  5. Pretty much, I'm trying to get some weak benzos fsor panic attacks and that shit is already hard, but I heard people trying to get ampheatamines have it worst, and it's extreamly hard.
  6. It's getting a lot harder to acquire amphetamines through doctors nowadays. It took me about a year with my psychiatrist to get on them. I have ADHD and it helps me tremendously with school and work, but unfortunately I began abusing the meds like six months after I started using them daily for school. My addiction never got worse than staying up for 48 hour binges, mixed with benzodiazepines and hypnotics. I was getting really paranoid and I had amphetamine psychosis for a bit. I got taken off the pills for a while but struggled with work and school so I got back on them and managed not to abuse them. Then I moved and stop taking them for a year.
    I've only done them twice this year, tonight being the second time. I don't know the point of this post, but basically if you don't have ADHD don't fake it and try to get pills because it makes it harder for us to get them when we can actually benifit from it. BUT if you have ADHD by all means try to get on it. It's a great med when used appropriately. I'm trying to get a script here soon, I had my ex-shrink send all my med records and that's like 2 pages off all the stimulant pills he prescribed me at different dosages so hopefully he omits the part about me abusing the things for like 2 years and if he does mention that hopefully he mentions that I managed to control it by the end.

  7. lol@ long post.
    Prescription stimulants ftw.

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