How to get over girlfriend thinking a guy is hot?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Jeffersong808, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. We broke up bc I’m too insecure.

    I wanna be with her but I’m so insecure and feel like I’m not ready for relationship. Been together for 8 months. We’re long distance at the moment. She’s 21F and I’m 24M.

    She said a certain guy was hot and it just pissed me off. It’s a celebrity and I know they have no chance but like still makes me mad. And if she thinks he’s hot then she’ll think regular guys are too.

    I’m insecure because what if a hot guy flirts with her and it goes on from there. She wouldn’t reject him because the dudes hot.

    Like it makes me feel like crap. Ugh how do I stop feeling this way ?! Please help!

    TL;DR - Insecure boyfriend broke up with girlfriend because he can’t handle her thinking guys are attractive. Thinks she will cheat if they hit on her. How to stop his habit ?
  2. Ohhhh jeffy....
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  3. It’s a movie star bro.
    We all have fantasies.
    Yeah you’re right, you are not ready for a relationship.
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  4. Btw, you didnt say you "broke up" with her until the tldr.

    You may want to fix that so some people believe you :)
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  5. So you are worried about her leaving you, so you left her..
    Makes no sense..
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  6. I wonder if it's the same chick?
  7. I'd say if said chick exists, it is the same one.
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  8. Ya ever think bout tryin a dif gender? Chicks don’t seem to b workin out for ya man.
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  9. Get some new material, OP. The comedy is getting stale.
  10. You'll be okay. It shouldn't be too difficult to get your fapping hand back in shape since you were long distance anyway. Consider getting a synthetic pussy, there's fewer relationship challenges.
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  11. For real, its so disrespectful to pretend to be in the military. Maybe what you post is what you would like to be, but likely dont qualify for?

    He will never respond (if he does it will be a 2-4 word post)
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    You still at this crap?
    With all the other whining shit you posted....
    You claimed that you have to run five miles every day in the military.
    I asked you what job you have that requires that exercise.
    Answer this or fade away.....

    Yeah....I’m laying it all on the line and calling you out.


    Yeah.... I'm pretty-well peeved, now.
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  13. tooslow.....maybe HE is a super secret squirrel and he can't answer us! :D.....:ninja:
  14. Fuck your girlfriends sister or mother.....Your choice how ruthless you want to get.
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  15. 88m. Motor transport operator in an infantry unit. My life sucks I barely check this. I’m not making this up.
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  16. Barely check this?

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