How to get out of the friend-zone?

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  1. How do you tell someone you like them without jeopardizing your friendship? I think she likes me too but I've never even given her a hint at it and I'm trying to figure out how to do that. I don't want to ruin our two year friendship and that's why I don't want to make things awkward by just saying I like you, but I also have to speak up sooner or later. Any advice on a way I could either hint that I like her or figure out if she actually likes me or not? I don't want to sound like a coward but my last relationship ended a friendship with one of my best friends I have ever had and she was replaced by this girl. I don't want to repeat the same thing twice, especially just by saying the wrong thing. Thanks blades, burn something.
  2. you just gotta go for it man, there really isn't a way you can do it subtly.
  3. I guess, it's just that I've just never been the one to chase. I usually like to let the girls do this part for me but in this case I've build such a strong emotional connection that I can't really help myself.
  4. According to my sources, you don't.
  5. :confused:
  6. Sorry Kutchie, but I have to disagree with you.
    The last thing you'd want to do is scare the poor girl by pouring out your feelings at her. Chicks are generally really good at picking up hints - she might even know that you like her in that way already, through the subtle displays of attraction you sub-consciously convey while interacting with her, but I wouldn't take a chance by assuming that.
    The main point is not to pour your feelings out to her, and not to make it seem like a big deal. If you do either of these while she sees you as a friend, you can salut her ass goodbye as you watch her legs disappear into the horizon.
    Why? Because showing her your feelings will not make her feel the same way. She needs to feel *attraction* for you, then you are to reciprocate that attraction. That is the only way.
    There are mainly two methods.
    Method 1: Make her jealous. Date her friends. Become awesome in bed, she'll find out through her friends, I can promise you that. Tell her how sexy she looks today and slap her butt. Drop hints, say things then make a joke out of it. Eg. Stare at her randomly and say "I really like you." she'll respond with a "what you mean?" or "really?" Then say no or smile and say "yeah, as a friend," and keep up the stare for a tad longer than usual, then change the subject quickly. It seems a bit stupid in text but the point behind this is to gradually change how the girl actually sees you. It's a slow process though and there's much room for mistake.
    Method 2 (Donkey method): Get drunk, or at least pretend to be. Get her a bit drunk but not plastered 'cause she has to remember. Confess that only recently, you kinda started to like her a little, it's no big deal though. You just want her to wake up and remember those bolded words.
    #1 Is safer.
    Good luck.
  7. if you attempt rape, you are permanently removed from the friend zone, and you just might get laid too.
    wow this is my 2nd post making a rape joke...not cool. im sorry, but my backspace is broken; im passed the point of no return
  8. Fuck her, gently.
  9. this.
  10. strut your stuff dude, in other words shake ya wee wee.
  11. Thanks for giving me at least one knowledgeable post. I completely agree with everything you said and you seem to totally understand where I'm coming from. These are my reasons for not pouring myself out either and that's why I'm somewhat in a weird situation.

    All of her friends always tell me we would be good together so I'm not sure if that will work and I know I've brought up hooking up with her best friend before and she said that would be weird and gross. I asked why and her reason was because it's two of her best friends hooking up, but I don't see why that's weird or gross.

    I've been spitting hard for a few days now and she's currently trying to convince me she's freaky and can handle me. I think that's a good start but I'm definitely trying both of your methods. Again, I appreciate your actual thoughtful post. Good vibes, :smoke:.

  12. you only get laid by getting laid bro

    which means, your not gonna get this girl until she realizes that you don't need her....

    which means, distance yourself from her, disconnect yourself from her problems.

    If you wanna be with her in a relationship then distance yourself slowly over time and then come back at her with the intention of hooking up with her. The reason your in the friend zone is because you put/allowed yourself to be in that place.
  13. I'm aware. At the time I was dating a girl for a year so there wasn't much choice but to put her in the friend's zone. I'm trying to distance myself, but it's not the easiest thing. Especially when I already think she likes me, I just haven't gotten her alone to find since I realized it.
  14. oh boys, you're so clueless :) i'd say more but i've already argued this on another thread that's probably on the main page
  15. dawg you dont have to worry about all that shit when you have roofies
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    Dignity and self respect > rape. I'm partying with her an a bunch of other girls tonight. Either way I'm getting some, we'll just have to see who it's from.

    And yes, I just rhymed that last sentence.

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