How to get out of the freind zone?

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  1. About a year ago I met this girl. I never thought too much of our friendship, it was always the occasional hang out of whatever.

    Then about two months ago I run into her. Keep in mind we had talked a few days before, but this felt like the first time we actually talked. We had a really long conversation about my life and her life and things of that nature.

    I was trying to get with this one girl, and she would guide me through and help me read her. In return, I would help her with her guy troubles. These are just things that friends do.

    My let down happened first. I asked out the girl I was trying to get with and got turned down. No biggie. That was a few weeks ago.

    Her guy troubles have just ended. She figured that she didn't want to date the guy she was talking to, and that they were just going to remain friends.

    This may be my only chance. I really want to go out with her, but I feel like I may be friend zoned, even though sometimes I feel that she wants to be more than friends, its hard to read her.

    So my question is how do I get out of the friend zone and make it clear that I want a relationship without being to aggressive or making things weird?
  2. Just be like "You know I've always been into you and you know I'd be good to you." That might do it unless you've been perma-friended which has happened to me quite a few times.

    If that fails, there's always alcohol. Remember, its not wrong if you're both drunk.
  3. I actually like that line a lot. A few weeks ago her friend suggested we date but we shrugged it off because we were both trying to see other people. Ill hopefully be seeing her tomorrow and if it feels right ill try and talk about it.
  4. i think he wants to be in a relationship whith her not get with her?
    i know how you feel bro friend zone sucks ass it can seriously get to you, i think i read somewhere you gotta try and get her to see you in a way other then a friend like you cant give off signals as a friend you gotta make yourself out to be a partner not a friend and the very last result which could essentially fuck your friendship is to bacicallly put across that it hurts to much to be her friend cos you wanna be more, which can either make her see you in a different light or break your friendship cos you wont see each other in the same way and it will make things to awkward.

    anyway i found a couple of sites good luck dude:
    Escaping the Friend Zone
    How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone In 3 Steps - - An Online Men's Magazine
  5. When in doubt, whip it out.
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    damn there was a great thread about it almost a year ago if I find it ill post it up again

    here ya go

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