How to get out of Idling through life

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    I'm sure this is a question many have now...

    Not where you want to be, having trouble getting started.
    don't do much with my life and seems like i waste it. i know what has to be done but just can't get out of this lul. like some invisible wall is like NOPE your stayin here playin games and watching tv for the rest of your life.

    How do you get the motivation to move forward in life, and tare down that invisible wall?
    i know what has to be done but just can't do it. don't know what's holding me back

    (do you do so with the help of others or by yourself?  motivational audio tapes?
    just jump in like it's a pool of cold water?
    wait for things to change?
  2. Only advice I have is to start something...anything. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, reckon this applies to people too.
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    buy a Great Dane puppy or Irish Wolfhound puppy.
    the guy snapped the photo just before he ate it...
  4. Get a job?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    you need to figure out who you are as a person, and what you want.
    the reason i think we are not motivated, i think is because we lack "awareness"
    or we are chasing the wrong objective.
  6. I feel the same way bro. I work 50 + hours a week, go out with friend's, have alot of fun but I still feel like something is missing. I to feel like i need a big change. It could be quiting weed for me, it makes me lazy.
  7. Don't wake and bake if you are lazy.  It's sounds as if you may be.
    Get up! Go do something.  Join a club.  Volunteer.  Play an instrument. 
    Fuck how can a person be bored in the year 2014???????
  8. Wish I could say. I have been in a rut for about 4 years.
  9. [quote name="Grizzly Tracks" post="19375003" timestamp="1390243802"]Don't wake and bake if you are lazy. It's sounds as if you may be.Get up! Go do something. Join a club. Volunteer. Play an instrument. Fuck how can a person be bored in the year 2014???????[/quote] I do all those things except playing an instrument cause the school band sucks, but anyways I'm still bored with my life. Smoking is by far the only interesting thing in my life. Or could I be feeling this way because I'm about to graduate? Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
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    I have never known motivation.  Not once in my life have I ever accomplished anything through motivation.   I set goals,  make a plan of action and then do it.  I grew up with a father that was raised on a ranch.  He always told me that if something needs doing then do it.  I learned from him that the sooner something is tackled the sooner it's finished.  When we got home from school the first order of business was chores first, homework second, and terrorizing the neighborhood third.   We were never bored because we always had something to do.  He also instilled in us the concept that nothing was worth doing unless it was done well.   
    If you feel strongly about something and you feel it's worth doing then just.... do it.   Put everything into it.  Give it your best shot.  You're the only one that can make your life a success.  But you're going to have to put some sweat into it.  Make sacrifices.  There will be difficult choices and you're going to fail a time or two.  But you can't give up.  Not if it's something you truly want.   Most people won't even take that first step due to fear of failure.  What they don't know is failure creates the building blocks for success.  That's how you learn.  
    Anyway,  that's my two cents. 
  11. Maybe look to the spiritual.  If you are bored and you do all those things, you should be highly successful.  Energy....with desire....and focus.....success. 
    Happiness.....that's on you.
  12. Don't feel the water first, just dive.

    It's how I live my life and why I'm so happy and satisfied by the things I've accomplished for myself. I love my life, and I love it because I made the leaps to get me to where I am.

    You're all just as capable of making it happen. Stop thinking about jumping or wishing you could jump. Take your toe out and dive right in. Things come to those who do, not to those who wait.
  13. Couldn't agree more.
  14. let me tell you guys a secret, people are never satisfied. we always aspire to be more, to do new things, to not be satisfied with ourselves. thats your enemy, you cant just not be satisfied, you have to be happy with where you are and where youre going. take joy from having a chair to sit in, from being able to dedicate time to enjoying yourself often playing games, because someone wishes they could. i could go on and on, but the idea is - be happy. 
    Do you not work?
  16. Youtube up some alan watts
  17. You sound like you are firmly entrenched in a fairly deep repetitive rut. And it will take some additional repetition, albeit in the positive vein, to get you off the path of passive resistence. Introduce at least two new activities into your life that require leaving the house. One should be a bit strenuous like working out, hiking etc. Lock both activities into your schedule a minimum of twice a week. Make not missing the new activities the focus and priority. Make it a game if you have to. See how that goes for the first two months. If you are getting some balance, add something else. Hopefully you will log far less hours of the old behavior. It does take a willingness to get off ones butt though.
  18. Listen to this guy. I made a thread similar to yours a while ago and what he said helped alot.
  19. You watch inspirational videos so you dont feel like a piece of shit.

  20. Find what you love to do. If you really love doing something trust me it'll drive you crazy that your not doing something about it like it does to me.

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