How to get nice dense buds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by parkway226, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Example - same 2 plants (sisters)

    2 different growers

    But look,smell,and taste totally different do to the growers.... I know the light system you have plays a big part (weather cfl's,mh,or hps )but I seen alot of good grows with them all that created dense buds as well as bad jobs that created low quality .. So how do you get dense beautiful tight buds? Bag appeal
  2. Temperature plays a big part in bud density. High temps will make buds airy and fluffy but low temps will stunt growth and all you'll have are popcorn buds.
  3. CO2, Silica, good air flow, nutrient ratios, a healthy root system, optimum temps, genetics, light intensity, and harvest timming all play a part in the density of buds.
  4. Lighting & a good feeding schedule
  5. Obtain good genetics and your chances are a lot better. You still need to provide the correct environment and care to get nice nugz. You are in the right place. Keep on reading.
  6. Don't stress your plants in any way...get nice dense buds? Use nice dense lumens

  7. I've said it a couple days ago and after seeing super swollen calyxes earlier today, co2 makes a BIG difference.
  8. Genetics: thick stems, wide leaflets
    1000w lights for veg and flower
    Bacteria/fungus ACT during veg.
    Fungal dominant ACT during flower.
    and... Gravity.
    you really just need to learn how to grow adn get more grows under your belt.... root binding will effect yield in negative ways.
    this is completley useless.
    not enough CO2 in a bottle of soda water to help a seedling grow. let alone an actual mature plant.
    with CO2 you're looking at want to achieve 800-1000 PPMs.........not gonna happen with a bottle of perrier
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