How to get my name changed/edited??

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  1. Im using my galaxy ace with GC forum app and dont have as many options as I would off a lappy. How do I get my name changed?

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  2. Bump

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  3. Do I need to send a pm to someone or what?

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  4. I'm trying to find out too but send a ticket. Hit quick links and scroll to the bottom to ticket system. Follow the instructions from there. From what I've read that's protocol

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  5. I cant find quicklinks on the app. I also cant see or send rep or thanks or much else really. Just posts and replies. Not complaining about it as it suits me fine for learning stuff but would like my name changing.

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  6. You'll need to access the forum from a computer not the phone app. THEN you'll be able to start a ticket using the ticket request system. HOWEVER, we don't typically do name-changes for people who have only been here a couple of months, and they are VERY low priority for us
  7. Delete my account wild will.

    I'm a minor who has no business being here

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  8. Wtf lol
  9. Seriously....I can't legally buy cigarettes yet I'm hanging out at a grow forum.

    This guys telling me no haha like a teacher who doesn't like you when you ask to go to the bathroom lol.
    What? Do I hold it? Wait for my door to be kicked it?
    Fuck outta here

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  10. You're making no sense
  11. So because I use the forum from a smartphone I have less rights than the rest if the other members??? How the fuck does that work???? ANY other forum can do it by sending a pm to someone and they change it. Sort it out guys!!!!

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  12. Just go on a computer?

  13. I'm assuming that if your phone is the least bit "smart" it has a browser on should be able to access the full functionality of the forum from there...
  14. Yeah.... Problem with that is didnt occur to the user lol. Cheers B)

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  15. 1) We're not any other forum we have WAY more users than most forums.

    2) I already mentioned that we don't typically do name changes for newer users, and even if we did that it's an extremely low priority.


    3) Being RUDE to us isn't going to make anyone want to do anything for you at all.
  16. Just have your account deleted so you can make a new one. Request the deletion, don't go trying to get banned. Takes about 3 days. Make a new one with the desired username. Now's the time to do it, when you have low posts and rep to earn back.
  17. Apologies for being rude. Can you delete my account so I can start again please?

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  18. He can't do it, only the administrator can delete accounts or do name changes. The link IgnorantFool posted in the post above mine will explain how to do it, it's the same ticket system you'd use for a name change.
  19. I put in a ticket from a lap top and followed the correct procedure so don't feel singled out.

    As he/she explained they don't routinely do name changes for new users, whether you're using your phone, or I am using my lap top.

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