How to get my Muslim parents to smoke weed?

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  1. this might sound like the dumbest question. But my parents have been finding my weed and throwing it away. They tried religion with me but that shit didnt work. Im not stopping smoking. I just want my dad to feel the effects and see what its like but how do i convince him?. He is very religious Muslim so thats going to be hard to try and tell him to smoke some weed. I had some Lemon Kush with a good high and taste. He likes lemons so maybe that strain will ease him when i ask him if he wants to try it. I dont know, i just feel like my dad will understand why i smoke and that it isnt even that bad. Its just that they be taking lots of my weed like half ounces and q's. I get into trouble for something that really isn't worth the trouble. How do i just let him know that it isnt bad?. The way my mum talks to me is like i have a meth problem. its so depressing having my parents think of me like that. I could give them a edible lmao, but honest question. how do i make them understand that marijuana isnt that bad?.

    its illegal in my state, but most of the cops dont even care. i smoked so many times in public.
  2. Based on personal experience with very nice, yet old school parents, it's never going to happen.

    You have what sounds like very old school traditional parents. To them smoking weed is like doing crack under a bridge and letting your life completely fall apart.

    Keep it away from them and appreciate them for the old-school wisdom they bring to the table. You're more than likely never, ever going to convince them weed is cool.
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  3. I doubt your parents will even consider smoking with you, if your living with them respect the rules they set. & don't try to spike them with an edible, you seem very childish.
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  4. I spent my whole life hiding it from my parents as I didn't want to break their hearts that their son became a druggie, however wrong their views were. I always believed they deserved better, even at the expense of honesty.
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  5. Lol I straight up told me mum and dad I smoked weed when I turned 21 they wasn't really mad, they let me blaze and my mum even takes me to see my plug lol
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  6. goddamn, what chill parents you have.
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  7. Yeah bro they're chill my dad used to smoke weed himself lol, the only thing they said was dont steal/sell anything that's there's for weed money but I'd never do that anyway if I dont have money I dont smoke :smoke:
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  8. Your parents are most likely strict because isn't smoking against the religion? My parents aren't religious in any way
  9. You could be a responsible and respectful adult and not try to interfere with their religion. If they want to believe that and stick to their roots...then they should be allowed to.

    Op, how old are you?
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  10. yeah they real religious. And when they see movies about drugs or tv show. they automatically assume its marijuana or someshit. My mother treats me like a meth addict no joke. Keeps coming into my room asking if i need help or someone to talk to. Its so depressing.
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  11. Quit asking people how old they are, it's fuggin annoying

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  12. How old r u?
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  13. So are your Billy posts, but hey...

    By the way, afraid to say "fucking"? Mommy probably isn't here. Fear not.

    How old are YOU? :)
  14. :coffee:

    You kids quit smoking pot and go to church!

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  15. Can try letting them read Granny's list.

    If you can't put together a reasonable argument on the subject, I don't know what to tell you.

    Parents: It's bad

    You: It's not that bad

    Only argument I take from your post. You need to educate yourself on the subject VERY well if you have ANY hope of at least finding some middle ground. You are fighting an uphill battle though as you are under THEIR house. If you weren't...middle ground would be easier to find. Religious types are VERY difficult to sway, because it doesn't matter how much scientific info you give them and how solid it is...there is ALWAYS a spiritual element to any activity that cannot be quantified. Weed included. It's up to the individual user to decide.

    You are DREAMING if you think you are going to get them to smoke with you. Best bet is to get out on your own and prove to them you can be forward thinking/successful with weed in your life.

    Edit: Dosing them is dumb as fuck. I've thought about shit like that before but you have no idea how low their natural tolerance is and it will ALMOST 100% make things worse than before.
  16. You are muslim and you told your parents that you smoke weed? You got some balls lol. I am muslim too and I cant ever imagine telling my parents that I smoke weed. They will think that some day I will die from heroin or some shit. The world still is very ignorant when it comes to weed. They dont know that it does you no harm.

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