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How to get my hand on some indica? Seems impossible.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Basically, I've had 3 dealers (kind of), the first one gave me weed but I didn't knew what kind it was (it wasn't good though), I could try to get more from him and see if he has any indica, but the fact that the only time I bought the weed was bad (had to smoke a lot to get high, small buds...), I don't consider it.

    The second one is a friend's friend, but he doesn't sell weed, he sells kief (not kief, it's like hash but not compressed), but I don't like smoking tobacco and I have to mix that with something in order to be able to smoke, anyways it's from a sativa.
    This guy got me weed once though, but it was once, as I said he doesn't sell buds, and still it's sativa. The weed he got me wasn't bad, still not good, it was mids.

    And finally this third guy that is the exboyfriend of a friend's friend, seems a very nice and cool guy (I have met him only once though), he's got what's supposed to be Amnesia, while that may be just a commercial name, the strain is also a sativa and he doesn't sell others.

    I can try to ask this guy if he can get me some indica but he probably can't so...

    I want some indica, first because it doesn't make your heart race as much as sativa does and second because I want to experience that different high.

    I can't grow (I'm 18 and live with my parents).

    I live in Spain, any clue on how to get some indica?
    People here usually don't sell different strains, they usually have herb, hash and... Other drugs but I just want weed, indica weed.

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  2. Sounds like you have to order it if a move is out of the question.

    I'm going to hazard a guess that your dealers are full of shit...keep looking. Hard to be picky when you are in an illegal market though.
  3. Sure but where to order it haha?

    My "dealer" is just a normal guy who smokes weed and buys to his dealer in bulk, if I want some he either gives me from his stash or buys more and gives me my part.

    His problem is that as he only smokes that strain, that's the only one he has.

    I prefer to pay a bit more and get it from someone like him who I can trust, instead of buying it from a drug dealer that sells not only weed but other stuff, that's a dark place.

    Weed is not expensive here anyways, every time I bought it was 5€/gram.

    I don't know where else to look, I read here about people getting different strains from their dealers on illegal states but here in Spain is a lot different.

    Most of the dealers have weed, that's all, they don't have sativa or indica, they just have weed.

    It's weird that I found one that knows the strain he's selling (even if it's just a commercial name, is more than what every other dealer knows).

    I thought maybe in the deep web I could find something but... Again it's Spain, I would need to find someone that won't scam me, and probably I will need to pay in BTC.

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  4. The fact that you are in spain makes it a little more challenging when ordering. And BTC is a pain in the ass.

    How far would you go for a Klondike bar though?

    Tbh, just keep your eyes peeled, smoke less, ride it out until your tolerance builds.

    Indicas are more couch lock/munchy/body high and if that's what you're looking for you can always just use a vaporizer and "vape" all the THC out and you will be left with CBD (and the other minor ones CBC, CBN, etc etc)
    and still have a tiny bit of THC left in it. Seems like a solution, especially since it isn't expensive.
  5. Spain?

    All the hash coming in from Morocco is indica.
  6. Oh really? (Sorry for not replying I got my phone robbed)

    That's why a friend told me he got way more fucked up while smoking herb than while smoking hash.

    I still have a problem though, I do not smoke tobacco so I would have to mix the indica hash with the sativa herb.

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