How to get my girl to try some MDMA??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Snap, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. So I'm bringing my girl to her first ever rave, EDC,Colorado on June 13th. I don't really bring up my drug use around her, she knows I do them but we just don't bring it up. For her weed is cool but today I brought up ecstasy. She pretty much said she won't do it but I didn't push it.

    I guess my question is how do you softly convince her into trying it. I know she isn't opposed to it but I think she is scared. Scared of what will happen and scared of what her friends will think of her. She is down to go to this rave but I mean she won't have a good time unless she is rolling since everyone in the group we are going with is. Again she is really excited to go but I just want her to have the best time of her life.

    Any ideas of what to say or any similar experiences? Should I try to convince her now or just wait till we all pop at the rave, heat of the moment style?
  2. hmmm show her some statistics of how its not that bad compared to other stuff. ithink if you waited shell be scared since she never experienced it before
  3. i'd let her see how she feels at the rave itself. it is possible she'll want to in the heat of the moment, as you say. don't pressure her too much, though. if she isn't comfortable with doing it, then that's that.
  4. make her cumm like ten times n then just be like its like tht times twenty all the time hahaha
  5. You can have fun at raves without rolling. You don't need to be fucked up to have fun.
  6. i think if you let her read the entry on mdma in pihkal, it would show her there is a lot of good there.
  7. Oh I know, but everyone we'll be with will be rolling and I'll feel like a dick if I leave her sober alone. I don't want to be sober lol.

  8. this for sure, once shes there and EVERYBODY else is fucked, she will do it
  9. let her do what she wants
  10. Upgrade your charisma to lvl 10

  11. this.

  12. DUDE, thats exactly what i thought when i saw the title LOL.
  13. This. What is it with these theads, "How do I get [whomever] to do [whatever]?"

    Let people make their own choices.
  14. How do i get OSG to invite me over for a smoke guys?

    kidding, but yeah just let her do it if she wants. ask her once and leave it at that. or let her ask you.
  15. The last thing I'm going to do is force her to do it. I was just curious to see what people thought because I know the situation happens a lot. She isn't opposed to the drug but from everything she hears she just instantly said no. It wasn't stern NO but of a more of a nah, I decided to leave it as that and not push the subject.

    I simply want her to have one of the best time of her life, that's it. I think I'll show her some of the fact guides and let her make her own decision.
  16. Oh she'll LOVE that, lol.
  17. This thread has no place at the City, and the reason is simple, people should do as they see fit, period. It's really strange that you would want "your girl" to try a drug like that and that you feel she has to be convinced. If you have any caring for her back off, live your life as you see fit and allow others to do the same.
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