How to get my friend to smoke?

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  1. Well, she has smoked with me a couple of times. But like, only if she's drunk. And when I made a joint it was so tiny because she didn't want to smoke much. And like, if she does smoke (rarely) it will be with a small oney hit (which I bought her). Today we plan on getting crunk, but before that we are going to the mall and I really want to toke up before entering the mall but she's like "I don't know..." Which means no. I'm buying weed today so maybe ill just smoke it without her. It really ticks me off for some reason like, what's wrong with getting high? If you're gunna buy weed at least get high!
  2. You're planning on getting crunk? What is this - 2006? We get turned up now!
    No. I just get drunk.
    Anyways, I'm having the same problem with my friend. I really have to talk him into taking a hit with me and shit and then he just has a bad trip anyways. Last time he was trippin thinking he was gonna die and then he fuckin threw up! So he's pretty much just good on weed now. Just keep it for yourself I guess.
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     you're pretty sexy :D and if she doesn't want to smoke its really her own decision, show her some websites that explain the absence of significant health risks of marijuana and such, but in the end its up to her. 
  4. [quote name="delilahweed" post="19399294" timestamp="1390593481"]what's wrong with getting high? If you're gunna buy weed at least get high![/quote]What's wrong with no wanting to smoke? Do you make a habit of not respecting your friend's decisions?She said no? End of story. Smoke it all yourself and let her be.from the gc app on BlackBerry Playbook!
  5. Well good lord, don't pressure her. That's a great way to turn her off the herb all together. Not everyone likes smoking in public situations. I never did, even when I was an every day smoker. Some people are really just uncomfortable being high in public. Plus, you know it is a greater risk than doing so in private, so if you do get her to smoke before the mall, she's just going to be paranoid as fuck.
    Let her ease into toking at her pace, as she's comfortable with it. Even if she only ever has a hit now and again, what's the big deal with that? It's not as if you're somehow better than her because you smoke more marijuana. That's silly dude. That's like someone thinking they're better than you because they don't smoke marijuana.
    Don't be that guy OP.
  6. Don't force anybody to do anything they're uncomfortable with, especially weed. Don't turn weed into some kind of oppressive thing for your friend.
  7. Guys. Are we Dr. Phil now? I respect her, I just want to see her feel good about herself and improve her life choices. But, yeah. We're going to smoke so, I must say I'm pretty excited.Tell me, doesn't it make you sad when your friends diss weed. But my friend opened her eyes up today and HELL YEAH.
  8. I have a friend like that, I've been trying forever to try and get him to smoke. Not much luck, but I will get him one day oh yes I will :)Tjobenstien

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