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  1. I currently live in Illinois but I will be relocating to michigan soon. I have a few questions. First of all how long do I have to live there before I can get my card? Also how much does it cost. And how is the process? Is it fast or slow, easy or hard ect. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey, I believe that you can apply for a medical marijuana card in Michigan as soon as you are able to prove that you are infact a resident of License, Electricity Bill etc.

    You will have to medical evidence documenting your qualified condition written by your prior physician. From there you can ask if your physician would recommend medical marijuana or you have have to seek out a specialized medical marijuana doctor.

    You also have to have a condition as listed under Michigan State Law.

    You can visit to print out an application or go here

    Additionally if you have any more questions or concerns you can visit to get more information.
  3. \tHopefully this will help you with your Question of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    \tProfessional, defensible medical marijuana certificationAt Denali Healthcare, PLLC, we provide professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications for patients that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.  Our evaluations are fully compliant with the bonafide doctor/patient relationship amendment the the MMMA.  We were, in fact, among the experts consulted by the Michigan Legislature to help define what a bonafide doctor/patient relationship was as that act was being written.  We require medical records, meet with patients and provide free follow up, and always have, even before it was required.  Every time the matter has been questioned in court, our relationship with our patients was determined to meet the standards, and we have never had a certification overturned.
    \tOur Interest in Medical Marijuana Came from Our Fight against Prescription Pain Medication AbusePrescription pain medication abuse has destroyed families and lives.  Our interest in Medical Marijuana came from our efforts to reduce the use of pain medication.
    \tThe Scope of the ProblemThere are roughly 116 million patients with chronic pain in the United States according to recent studies.  Approximately one in five patients that sees a primary care physician has a complaint of chronic pain.  To put this in perspective, the average primary care physician sees approximately 20 patients per day; of those, 4 are chronic pain patients.
    If each chronic pain patient receives a prescription for 4 doses of Vicodin per day (120 doses per month) the math is straightforward.  Assuming 22 working days per month, the average primary care physician writes for approximately 126,720 doses of Vicodin per year (or the equivalent in other narcotics).  With approximately 30,000 primary care doctors in Michigan, this translates to a staggering 3.8 BILLION doses of narcotic pain medicine annually.
    Medical Marijuana can be used to reduce this figure by a factor of 30-50% based on our clinic experience.  This translates to the equivalent of over a BILLION doses of narcotic potentially saved in Michigan alone per year if cannabis was widely used in pain practices.
    \tDownload and Print Medical Marijuana Application\tYou can download and print the intake form by clicking the button below. Please print and fill out prior to coming to your appointment.MEDICAL MARIJUANA APPLICATION
    \tQualifying Conditions and the medical records they require.To determine if you qualify, you will need to show us that you have one of the following conditions:
    • <ul class=""><li>Cancer (A medical record confirming cancer listing type and current therapy)
    • Glaucoma (A medical record showing glaucoma and treatment)
    • Crohn's Disease (Recent medical records confirming the diagnosis)
    • HIV (Confirmatory blood testing and medication)
    • Hepatitis C (Blood work and proof of treatment)
    • Nail Patella Syndrome (Confirmation of diagnosis from your doctor)
    • ALS (Confirmation of diagnosis from doctor)
    • <ul class=""><li>Alzheimer's disease (Confirmation of diagnosis)
    • Wasting Syndrome (Diagnosis of wasting syndrome from primary care physician)
    • Chronic Pain (Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms requiring treatment from a physician/chiropractor)
    • Severe Nausea (Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms and treatment for nausea)
    • Seizures (Diagnosis of seizures and current anti-seizure medications)
    • Muscle Spasms (Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms and current treatment)
    \tCertifications ‘Through the mail' are NOT legal and will not protect you in court.  Clinics that offer or try to encourage you to ‘send in your records' and get a cert or a renewal in the mail are not following the law and will not be able to protect you. 

    \t5 Best Practices for Medical Marijuana CertificationDr. Townsend is an acknowledged expert on the bonafide dr/pt relationship in Michigan. He has been consulted by attorneys, government officials, and various organizations to clarify and explain what constitutes a bonafide relationship and what does not, as well as the components and standards of a certification exam.
    • 1. There will be a real-time interaction between the patient and the physician, in person. In most cases, we will meet together at one of my 8 offices.  There are outreach clinics available (more than 20) to help with the needs patients in rural areas from Ironwood to Caro to Niles, but these clinics are strongly associated with brick and mortar offices.
    • 2. If the diagnosis of the qualifying condition is made by your primary healthcare provider (md/do/chiropractor) to an acceptable degree of medical certainty, we will review the documentation, confirm the diagnosis and issue the certification.  It is not possible for me to meet with you and find a ‘physical exam finding' that either confirms or denies your chronic pain.  I can't look at you or examine you and determine you have cancer or Crohn's disease.  These diagnostic determinations are made by your doctor and you are to bring your medical records for my review to the visit.  I'll keep them for your office chart with me, and use them to confirm that you had the condition should it ever be questioned.
    • 3. If the diagnosis of the qualifying condition is not confirmed, or you are not under the care of a primary healthcare provider, we require you seek the services of one and come back when you qualify as in #2. We are not equipped or staffed to provide primary diagnostic services at this time. We do offer some limited chart documentation with chronic pain patients, and will develop other options for patient with limited medical resources.  If you are one of our chronic pain or addiction patients, we do have your records of care as one of your regular providers.
    • <ul class=""><li>4. You will be offered follow up in two forms:
    </li></ul>a. We have an electronic medical record.  We will use that to set up a reminder call to schedule a follow up visit in approximately one year.  We will also set up a reminder for you to renew in two years.  We will need your email and/or cell number to send these reminders via email or text message.  Please respond to them as they are designed to protect YOU by documenting your chart.  Our requirement is to have a reasonable expectation we can provide follow up care.  As we have 8 offices, over 20 outreach clinics, a website or two, and a full time call center, we clearly can and stand willing to do that follow up.  But you the patient must follow through and take advantage of that offer of follow up to strengthen your legal defense.
    b. You may, at any time during business hours, come to the office or facilitator and ask to speak with me in person or via video conference free of charge. If you are unable to come in, you may contact me directly by phone with your questions or updates at 989-339-4464. My Skype name is Robert.townsend117 and you may contact or messenger me at any time on Skype.  We stand ready and willing to see you as often as you wish with questions, updates in your conditions, or if you have any concerns.  We also maintain a mailing list, send out monthly newsletters, and do frequent mailings.  This is designed to keep our contact information in front of you in case we are needed.

    • 5. To avoid confusion, an acceptable degree of medical certainty means:
    1. a. The diagnosis was reached using acceptable medical practice.\t
    2. b. The diagnosis is based on OBJECTIVE data (x-rays, biopsy reports, lab work) in addition to SUBJECTIVE data (hey doc I hurt). Information generated simply from patient self-reporting (i.e. Affidavits claiming a condition) is not sufficient and will not stand up in court.\t
    3. c. The workup and diagnosis, treatment program, and progress will be reviewed by the certification doctor to confirm it will stand up to peer review if questioned by medical or non-medical authorities. This means using the same information available to the certification physician, another would reasonably reach the same diagnosis.\t
    4. DENALI HEALTHCARE DOES NOT RENEW CERTIFICATIONS THROUGH THE MAIL.  You must see the doctor and through the mail certifications will not stand up in court.  Do not allow certification mills to tell you otherwise.  Pay a little extra and do it right.
    \tObtaining a certification is not a difficult processDr. Bob Townsend travels more than 6000 miles a month going to 8 full offices and over 20 outreach clinics and has appeared in several court cases on behalf of medical marijuana patients. The policies and practices he as developed since 2010 in medical marijuana certifications have set the standards for professional, defensible medical marijuana certification in Michigan and are specifically set up to mount a full section 8 defense under the MMMA.  To date, they have proven their worth and extra cost.
    Dr. Townsend has been consulted by attorneys on many Section 8 cases to have their clients re-evaluated to Denali Healthcare standards.  Through the mail or ‘low standard physician' certifications cause problems if the case comes to court- See Attorney Michael Komorn's Discussion
    \tIn addition to your medical records, you will need your Michigan driver's license or ID. 
  4. Anyone know the steps for opening a dispensary in Michigan?

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