how to get laid in mexico?

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  1. I'm going to Mexico in a week for spring break. I'm staying at this resort near Cancun called Puerto Aventuras, it's gonna be really nice. Can anyone give me some tips on how to find a hot girl to make love with? I'm old enough to legally drink there, can anyone recommend places for me to pick up drunk chicks to take back to my room? How should I go about talking to random girls?

    I'm going to be drunk 24/7, the entire week I'm there. When I wake up I'm going to drink, then all throughout the day. I'm literally going to be drunk every day, do you think this will help picking up a hot girl? Should I just say "hey baby wanna come back to my place and get it on?" What should I say? Thanks. :hello:

    BTW, this isn't disrespectful to women, cause all the whores there on spring break want some dick... if I'm drunk, and I hookup with a drunk girl, it isn't disrespectful cause she's willingly wanting to have a good time... so yeah.
  2. bro, why are you spamming this in random threads? Please chill.
  3. So get drunk and hook up with a drunk girl.

    If you can't pull it off you're a failure as a man and you might as well cut off your penis and start takin it in the ass
  4. This is pandoras box, for "discussion of various topics that might be controversial for some members." I'm not spamming it, my other thread was deleted cause it was in the wrong section.

    I'm not trying to degrade women. But if a woman comes on to me, or I start chatting with her and she wants to get some, it's not disrespectful at all. If I'm nice and say "hey you look cute" and she wants to suck my thang, then thats her choice and she's choosing to disrespect herself.

    So I just get drunk, then walk up to a girl and talk to her? Or should I try to get the girls to hit on me?
  5. damn dude. just go to mexico and have a blast.

    dont plan shit out because it rarely works out the way you planned.
  6. Picking up drunk chicks is one of those things that shouldn't have to be explained so extensively OP. Just do it. :cool:
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    Lol, get drunk, find a girl that u can't h eyes with, if she was looking at u, she's feelin u, get a lil tipsy/covo with her, start kissing her. If ur good, she'll want to take u back to her room, if u act stupid she will find a less stupid drunk guy to hook up with haha, good luck. Just go to Tijuana, the prostitutes there are bangin!
  8. Lamest thread.
  9. 6 no's and a yes is still a yes ;)
  10. Don't get drunk and get kidnapped and held for ransom...Mexico is a dangerous place these days...
  11. I think you should just get fucked up and go with the flow..

  12. Exactly what this guy said.
  13. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']I think you should just get fucked up and go with the flow..[/quote]

    He is smart
  14. just slam some beers and look for the sluttiest girl at the bar. (shes the one deepthroating her straw)
  15. Yea I know I'm gonna do what I normally do... but I'm just looking for some extra tips. I think it will be even easier to get with a hot bitch cause its spring break and they're all lookin to ride my thang.
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    If it were me, I'd avoid the beach because I'm really skinny and pale.
    And I'd avoid clubs/bars because I can't hold liquor and I'd end up being "that guy"
    and if I got a girl to come to my room, I'd do everything in my power to keep my socks on cuz of my foot fungus, but luckily in Cancun it would be easy to get ass cuz every girl is there for the dick and the dick only, plus I know a shitload about Skyrim.

    edit: just playin
  17. tell that bitch about skyrin

    bitches love skyrim
  18. 20 dollars.
  19. don't forget the condoms!!!


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