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How to get "known" strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stephes123, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. sick of smoking No name shit, but last time I asked my dealer he said he didn't know the strain...
  2. Get your medical card.
  3. The only way to know for sure that you are getting the actual strain is if you get it from the grower, someone who can prove to you that they got it from the grower, or you get it from a dispensary.

    Otherwise, how could you tell a bud's strain just by looking at it? Impossible.
  4. I'm gonna guess you're not in a medical state like me. If so, go on SR. Fuckin Candyland, I promise.
  5. [quote name='"Whats an Allah"']I'm gonna guess you're not in a medical state like me. If so, go on SR. Fuckin Candyland, I promise.[/quote]

    What's SR?
  6. Just grow your own.
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    Get a medical card or find a hookup who gets his bud from the club
  8. Grow your own.
  9. You can grow it yourself
    get it from SR...
    Order it from a MEDical state

  10. Someone tell me what SR is.
  11. Man, weed is weed, is it still good?

    If it is, then fuck it'. Who cares if it has a name...

    ahhaha just recently one of my old friends ex hooked me up, because my main people were busy or whatever, he said 'oh yeah its pineapple kush'' and I didn't believe it from the start

    Anyway, he gets it, hands it to me, I couldn't look at it right away (hotel parking lot) and when I looked at it finally, it was all it was white basically, no orangeish color to it or anything....

    wasn't kush at all, didn't even smell like pineapple :rolleyes:, but I still smoked it and I still got whatever.
  12. I am currently trading the buds i grow with a guy who gets his shit straight from cali and i unfortunatly can never know the names, he doesnt even know. You can still tell however, if the bud is indica or sativa dominant by looking at the bud, then you can probably wean it down to a particular strain which is close to yours.

    The only way you can really know the strain is to know the grower.

  13. silk road

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