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How to get it?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by oh-la-la, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Guys,
    Im just wondering how can i get the ID, i have a lower back problem from the accident long time ago. Can i take that as a reason to get the ID? How would they acttually sell it to you? I went to a local clenic but they told me to go talk to another place which is far away, so i dont have a chance to know the detail much except i have to pay like... $ 175 for something... Can you just get as much as you want if you get the ID?
  2. I think all places R different, go to NORMAL web site they may have some details on Medical MJ. They R not easy to get. Again depends on ur location.
  3. What state are you in? Assuming you're in California $175 sounds about right for the recommendation. In CA you don't actually need an ID card...all you need is the prop 215 form along with your drivers license...however, many places wont sell to you unless you have a city issued card. In Cali you can have 8 ounces.
  4. Yes, im in San Francisco, CA. I didnt have a chance to talk to them in person yet, they wont tell on the phone. I thik $175 is to much for the fee. So, if any of you had an experience with this please let me know.

  5. Forgot the name(sorry), but I heard that all u need is 100 and they give a cannabis card.
  6. Just to let you know..I Can Guarantee they are not going to give u a green card because u have a lower back problem,,u need like M.s.,Glacoma,,Chronic Arthritis and shit like that,,,if anything theyll give u vicodin, or a pain killer like that...but if you are issued a green card, depending on your states laws they might allow you to grow.
  7. Hey man I just relocated but I lived in Boulder and I knew of 3 differnt peepz that had the green card. They sed it was very easy to get and it was around 150$. This was a lil over a yr ago but they sed they had no problems in getting it. The only thing is that you can not have more than 100 plants or they pop ya for it. If ya do a hydro system though 100 plants jus for persy is a hella lot. I had 20 plants when I lived in boulder and I got about a qp off each one. Good luck n if ya get it share the love...hehehe
  8. If you can find the right doctor they will give it to you for anything.

    One of my good friends just visited a doctor and told him that he had insomia. The doctor asked if he tryed any sleep aids and he said they didn't work. Then the doctor prescribed him Medical Marijuana. I was in the lobby when he did this, it happend pretty fast. My friend just had to shell out $160 to the doctor and it was all good.
  9. i want a green card
  10. Hi
    After your friend paid $160 to them, he can get as much as he wants or what?? I smoke alot
  11. nah man, sorry, just cali :)

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