How to get into the Music Event Industry

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  1. If I could land any dream job I would be involved with some music event production company like Ultraworld Baltimore (Starscape) or Ultra Music Fesitval or Bonaroo or something of this nature.

    I think it would be the perfect job for me. Anything really. I would love to do it all. I love everything about music events.

    Is anyone in this industry currently?
    Does anyone have friends in this industry?
    How does one seek employment in this kind of industry?
    Is it all luck and knowing people and timing? Or is it more standard employment.

    Thanks for the information guys! Love you all! :hello::hello::smoke:
  2. Go to one of the companies that run the festivals. I don't know about the ones you listed, but a search for one of the firms that runs some of the European festivals, specifically in the UK and it has its own careers website, I'd suggest looking there for similar things regarding Bonaroo etc...
  3. Having a background in sound engineering or something like that, really helps. Employeers need someone whos been around this sort of thing before. Definately just a possible idea for a number of possible backgrounds, but it's a very fun job indeed (Best view in the house usually!). You'll need experience working at events in some facet.

    And as much as you don't want to hear it though, the music/entertainment industry is not one that is easy to walk into. It becomes even harder when you don't have 'connections.' Have you yet to go to, or are you still in college/university? You might want to consider a degree that would help tailor you for this sort of thing. My nephew is taking something along these lines, although I probably won't remember the name of his major without talking to him.

    Getting your foot in the door somewhere isn't easy, but don't let that abandon your dream. Start small, and just take it day by day. Good luck man.
  4. \

    Thanks much love.

    thanks for your info.
  5. ask this guy...his name is askland and he loves to be asked can prolly find what ever you wish to know by searching his site or just writing him a message...he will usually answer any genuine ones...

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