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How To Get Highest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ronde, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Besides cooking and vaporizing what way can you get highest using the least amount of weed possible? Thanks.
  2. BONG:wave: ... or you could also make a gravity bong
  3. Other than buying better weed, I would suggest a gravity bong.

    Edit: Welcome to the City!:bongin:
  4. i get high a lot easier when i use a pipe instead of a blunt (i use about a 5th or less the amount of weed i use in a bowl than in a blunt).
  5. Take some big hits.

    I'm always blazed as fuck after a huge hit.
  6. Use a bubbler or a spoon. Although the bubbler will use more weed then the spoon will
  7. Grind up your weed, or chop it up in a shot glass with scissors.
  8. smoke headies
  9. I use a bubbler. never fails me and is easily hidden!! I'm jealous of bong owners, once I move out of my house im gonna get one. (cant wait!!)
  10. smoke a cig after it brings up ur 13% but doesn't last as long
  11. take a huge hoot and then hold your breathe for as long as you can. after that take 1 breathe and hoot + hold again.

    repeat if necessary ;)
  12. Grav bong FO SHO
  13. Take a month long t break then smoke a fat bowl of really high grade bud. That'll do it...:eek:
  14. smoke 5 volcano bags of dank by yourself. (full bags)
  15. I think this tends to vary from person to person, but I'll give you what I do:

    get a big bong, and pack big snaps. for those that don't know (probably no one), a snap is when you pack just a little bit of weed into the bowl (enough that you can burn, milk and pull through in one hit) and then rip through that little sucker. this seems to be the most efficient (for me, anyway) way to smoke because it uses the least weed, and everyone in the roto gets greens (their own snap). it's especially great if you're with friends and you want to sample each other's buds (if you have different dealers/strains).

    If one of these doesn't get you ripped as hell, take two. you're still using wayyy less weed than a joint, for example, and a lot less than a bowl in a pipe/bubbler/bong, too.

    basically, snaps are fucking awesome :)

    hope this helped

    EDIT: i noticed you said "besides cooking and vaporizing." just so you know, edibles tend to produce a different high altogether (more of a body high, in my opinion, you just feel... chilled, not totally... blazed) and vapes don't always get you the highest--sure, you don't waste any weed but it usually takes a significant amount to pack a decent bulb in a vape. i personally don't really like them that much... but then again, i'm a bong guy :D
  16. Dont smoke for a week and then find the most solid g bong you can and take the biggest hit you can off of it. You will get high.
  17. if you dont wanna dish out the money for a bong just make one. theyre easy and you can save it or chuck it

  18. true, i feel that edibles give you a much "clearer" not sure if i would describe it as "more of a body high" though. that probably just the weed ur using.
  19. My suggestion is to smoke from a gravity bong. If you want to get higher, try not to smoke a few days before this. Your lowered tolerance will let you get that much higher. And make sure to hold that smoke in as long as you can. The longer you hold your breath, the more THC that gets into the capillaries and thus the more high you are.
  20. I usually set a pillow down then do a head stand while hitting the bowl..Once done with the hit I hold it in..Jump up real fast.Run in a circle 3 times then exhale...

    Works every time. :wave:

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