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how to get higher/make your high last longer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by madgeezy, Nov 27, 2011.

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    So ive been smoking for about 3 years now and ive been doing it 3-4 times a week since and my high lasts about 2 -3 hours. I buy a quarter o every week but recently it seems like ive been going through it to fast. usually my quarter o lasts me the whole 7 days but recently it barely gets me through the weekend. So i want to know how to get the most out of my high and how to make my weed last. Gracias:wave:

    UPDATE please do not post if you are going to say vape, bong, waterfall, or gravity bong. I am only looking for free to little cost ways to get higher so i can conserve my weed like foods or techniques or personal experiences
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  3. Mangos. Mangos. Mangos.
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    im a newbie smoker but lung hits always get me really high and for a while. im sure youve made a lung but if you havent hit up youtube and try it out. real foggy hits

  5. yea im about to start making and baking mad weed edibles but for now i want to know how to smoke and stay high long to. i heard that mangos make it last longer but does it matter if they are over ripe or not?
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  7. well im not tryna puke:eek: but if itll get me fucked im down:D how long should i wait to smoke after i eat the mangos tho:confused:
  8. Smoke more/better buds. End of story.

  9. well i already be smoking dank shit usually its either sour diesel, bubba, og, grape ape, heads, white widow, purp, or orange kush and im trying to make my weed last by getting higher without smoking more
  10. Awesome, you're evolving as a stoner and want to find efficient means to getting high.

    Ditch all paper/blunts as this is the least efficient.

    Get a small volume pipe/bong and only pack what you can hold in one hit.

    Smoke less often, go longer between sessions.

    I like to write everything down, works for me.

    Week 1: purchase 1/8, end of week 0.5 grams left.

    What I'll do is try to smoke less, so I'll have 0.6 next time, eventually you'll see more bud accumulating, therefor money, and also more enjoyable highs.
  11. Try a waterfall bong works for me
  12. If you can save some money on the side, I would suggest getting a vape. Reason being, because you dont need to vape much to get a really good high going and you can save the vaped bud to smoke later if you choose to, or make edibles from it.

  13. yea i gotta big piece it backs about .5 regular and can fit much more in it than that but thats what i used to to id smoke 3.5-4gs of my 7 on the weekend and then smoke 2-3 times during school during the week and have .7gs left but ive just been going through it easy

  14. ive never used one of those and ive never made one how does it work?

  15. i heard those get you the most thc but they just give you a fucking gay or retarded high i tryed it a couple of times and i was to stoned to tell but their mad expensive i might though

  16. It depends if you want a waterfall bong or a bucket bong for a waterfall you jes get a bowl or a socket and make a hole in the cap of a bottle. I use a gatorade bottle and if you dont have a socket jes use aluminum foil and use a pencil or sumtin to poke a bunch of holes in. Then make a holeunder the bottle or the bottom part of the bottle. Then hold the little carb hole fill it up wit water and put the cap in wit ur herb in the bowl, let go of the carb so the water comes out and light the bowl and by the time all the water comes out ur bottle will be super milky then open the bottle and inhale den:smoke:

    As far as the bucket bong its the same concept except u need a bucket filled wit water and cut the bottom part of the bottle off or put alot of holes in the bottom. Den put the bottle at the bottom of the bucket light the bowl and slowly pull the bottle up wen its filled wit smoke open the bottle and push the bottle down so all the water forces the smoke to go into ur lungs :smoke:
  17. Gravity Bong
  18. der both gravity bongs der jes different types ones a waterfall and the other a bucket

  19. word ill try that once i pick up my bud hopefully itll last a longer i plan to use some of the weed on fire crackers and the waterfall bong and then imma eat some mangos and i heard if you smoke in a hot tub some scientific shit happens with the steam and it gets you mad high

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