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How to get higher/Lower tolerance!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedlover2011, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I smoke a few times a day and eventually I got a tolerance. When I got high I would almost seem normal without the euphoria and giggling ect. But today I took some St johns Wort (500mg I think) in the morning and before blazing in the evening and it got me so baked. I started starring and random shit and giggling, would think of crazy stuff ect.

    So try it and let me know if it works for you :smoke:
  2. Moar evidence less anecdotal placebo pl0x
  3. I think it's more in the head and it depends on so many variables that I can say that very few highs have been the same. Amount smoked, potency of strain, device used, how long it's held in your lungs and studies have shown that your "come up" or how you started your day, your mood and so much can change so this will leave this myth a mystery I believe ! haha

  4. well I posted it here so that more people tried it to see if it worked and therefore improving the reliability of the claim.

    and anyone who says it doesn't work before trying it is an idiot. Try it before you say it doesn't work...

  5. TRUST ME! IVE TRIED. Ive been toking since winter of 08' including times that Ive quit and now I think Ive tried to bust this myth enough and I shall leave it a mystery to myself. If someone can test it and have Super solid evidence including all factors accounted for, awesome. But there are too many variables for me to really care to look into it, I think Ill leave it to someone else to figure out
  6. St. Johns Wort has proven antidepressant effects, so it makes sense that your high would feel better.
  7. Higher tolerance: smoke more
    Lower tolerance: smoke less
  8. Or you can do yourself a favor and take a week or two t-break. Problem solved.

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