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How to get high without being busted by.. Girlfriend :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TonyCartman, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Some advice needed guys.. My girlfriend doesn't like seeing me smoke.. But if she doesn't see me smoke or can't smell it- im cool ;)

    On work days I'm 30min drive away from home, so basically I have 30min to get high and face the girlfriend..

    Question: what's the best way to get high considering the circumstances?;)

    I was thinking to have a joint ready in the car so on my way home I can smoke it.. But I'm driving through town (heavy traffic) so I wouldn't be too comfortable and it's not like I'm going through some country road or anything so I cant pull up anywhere.. Plus if u smoke a joint in the car ur clothes gonna smell= busted by gf :D

    Or to have the pipe ready and smoke it somewhere in the home area but some body might see me..

    Dilemma.. ;D

    Any ideas from fellow stoners? ;) :smoke:
  2. Just roll down all the windows and smoke the joint. Have gum ready and some spray or something and you should smell fine if you air out the time you have after smoking. I cruise through downtown all the time while smoking windows down. Just keep an eye out for cars around you to make sure a cop isn't pulling up next to you and you should be straight.
  3. Tell her to suck it
  4. Smoke an L while you tell her to make you a sandwich.
  5. + run you a bath.
  6. Tell her to fuck off!
  7. make a decision between changing yourself for this girl and quitting smoking bud, or break up with her for not accepting you for you.
    trust me shes gonna find out eventually and get mad as hell, deception is never the best path, especially with women, they crazy yo
  8. A portable vape (Iolite or MFLB) is the solution to your problem.
  9. #9 TonyCartman, Aug 4, 2011
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    That's what I do at the moment but it getting nowhere so I thought I'd rather come up with a different strategy :D
  10. i've noticed when i was at college people would know i smoked it because my eyes were dilated, it never bothered me as most poeple there smoked it but i did notice something. whenever i got some lower grade stuff, people couldnt really tell, but if i smoked like a cheese or haze strain before i went in they could quite easily detect it.
  11. What i do is toke up a bowl in my whip for whatever the situation is.

    the bowl doesn't leave your hands smelling like bud (joints do) and joints are always lit, a bowl is lit then off.

    less smoke, no heat up.

    good luck

  12. Yeah, you would be better off talking to her about it. What is it that she doesn't like about weed? Maybe she just doens't know a lot about it. Teach her the benifits and tell her to keep an open mind. If she doesn't want you smoking bud, its the girl or mj. Or who knows, maybe shell even keep going out with you if you tell her you smoke. Just avoid deception...
  13. just keep smoking it, and tell her she cant drink or do something she likes if not lol (preferably an intoxicant), women dont like it when the tables are turned. if you let her walk over you she will continue to do so more and more.
  14. I've deceived my girlfriend countless times and she's even familiar with the smell. Unfortunately, riding home and smoking in the car almost guarantees she'll smell it, and smoking in the car is risky anyways. My method is a combination of tactics. I have a pretty solid sploof, just water bottle with lots of dryer sheets. But the key is the shower. If you crank the fan in your bathroom, and turn the water as hot as it can go. Wait a minute or two for the steam to start. Proceed to rip in the shower, and blow throught the sploof, down into the hot pouring water.

    Once your done, proceed to take a regular shower. Brush your teeth/mouthwash when your out, and that will ensure that you as a person wont smell.

    As far as your bathroom, by the time your done your shower the smell should already be gone. I've never once even slightly been able to notice the smell upon finishing.

    Not sure what you'd be smoking, but everytime ive done this ive smoked a pretty solid bowl of dank.
  15. #15 TonyCartman, Aug 4, 2011
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    That's the thing.. I just cant prove it to her that weed is not that bad.. We used to drink a lot together not a lot really but EVERY fkn evening! But since I took up smoking I rarely drink, but she can still drink a bottle of wine when we watch a movie.. I don't know prob just cant find the right words..
    "if I don't smoke u don't drink" shit does not work..
  16. #16 TonyCartman, Aug 4, 2011
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    Nice one bro! ;) but smoking in the house definitely not an option as she smells EVERYTHING :D even gum and brushing teeth dont work as she can still smell it :D only thing which is effective is lemon :D weird..but that shit works :D I just eat a few slices of lemon and she can't smell a thing :D
  17. Sounds like way too much work, u gotta talk to her or choose, it'll def bite u in the ass someday
  18. its not hard man, before i got my girlfriend to try and smoke with me (after we'd been wasted all night) i used to use a cigarette one hitter like so.


    With this one hitter, you put a chunk in the tip and take massive rips, i can usually put down 3-5 rips and be straight fuked up, after you take a your rips, throw in a piece of gun, drop some rhoto eye drops in, spray you some nice smelling cologne (not to much or she'll suspect something) and drop the windows down for the last 5 minutes of the drive.

    You'll be floatin and she wont be guessin!
  19. But how the fuk do u talk to her if her answer to my question: "Why do u think weed is bad? Why do u hate it so much?"
    Her answer to that is: "I don't know, I just don't like it.."
  20. #20 TonyCartman, Aug 4, 2011
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    Nice one!!!!!! That's a bril idea pal! :smoke:

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