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How to get high on vape

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cereena, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. So my first time smoking weed was a blunt i got one hit and felt nothing at all
    A week later i bought a paxploom vaporizer i had to take like 10 hits with a 2 miniute soece inbetween
    It took me 25 miniuts to just feel a slight buzz but it wore of in like 5 min( it felt amazing though that why Im plannin on vaping again tomorow.1g worth
    How can i get a proper high like after 1 or 2 miniuts
    Do i need more than a gram?
    And what is the proper way of vaping?
    Thanks for your answers really means alot!
  2. I'm kind of new to vaping myself but as far as I can tell the big difference in between vaping and smoking from other devices is that you have to hold it alot longer for each hit and you also can take larger hits than usually. The high feels different also so you might not realize your even high at first! It's all experimenting though, sometimes you just gotta play around till you get the high you want. You also shouldn't need more than a gram to get a high from vaping but of course smoking more will get you higher (to a point)
  3. You don't need to hold it in any longer than usual, 3-5 seconds is fine

    There is a certain technique to how hard you should pull on the vape, find that sweet spot

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  4. A vape session just takes longer than burning a j or a bowl. I find that a session with my EZ Vape can run 20-30 minutes easy. Between getting it the right temperature, getting the glass and the herb up to the right temperature, and sipping tiny-ass hits, it just takes a while. So if you're vaping, you need to be more patient. If you've only got a couple of minutes, vaping is the wrong method for that time.

    I like vaping, and the high is slightly different, but I don't always have the patience (or time) to do it. Sometimes I just want to pack a bowl and get high immediately.

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