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how to get high off pipe resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by DankSpank, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. I cleaned my friend's piece and got a good nug of resing out of it, i smoked it and got nothing out of it, does smoking pipe resin really work for you guys?
  2. Wait wait wait.... you say you smoked a whole resin ball and didn't feel anything? I'll smoke a nice size ball of resin (I smoke 3 times a day, at least) and I can get pretty ripped off of it. Resin is powerful stuff man, powerful stuff.
  3. I felt somewhat light headed, then I got a headache, I've smoked kief before and I tripped for the rest of the day, I weas expecting the same.
  4. It's not as strong as kief, but resin is pretty strong. I only smoke it when I run out of bud though - which is not often, so my resin has time to build up. So when you finally scrape that sucker, I usually get pretty baked off of it. Seeing as I've probebly been dry for a while, if I have to resort to scraping resin.
  5. if ur scrapin swagg resin u wont really get fucked up lol trust me i know
  6. Totally agreed...

    If you only smoke crappy pot, the resin is gonna be just as crappy. If your smoking some choice chronic youll get a more potent batch of resin.

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