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How to get high off one hit

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nuggz, Feb 7, 2009.

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    We'll been extremely tight on Thc so I'm conserving more and idk just decided to share my suggestions and help.

    Step 1. Have some Tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta-9 THC, AKA DANK

    Step 2. Grind up the matter as fine as possible, grinders work awesome. Pack it in a bowl loosely, screens help.

    Step 3. Have a heating utensil. If your using a lighter never torch it, instead hover above the matter almost an inch away for a couple seconds slowly inhale and it will slowly "scinge" the matter and you truely get the tastes and more thc is delievered as it isn't being burnt at such high temperatures. Magnifying Glasses work excellent if u can zoom it in just right.

    Step 4. Hold in your hit for about 10 seconds or longer or if u really want to ghost it and slowly blow out your nose. Walk around holding in hits, gets your circulation blood flow too go faster. Once you exhale, breathe deeply 5 or more times slowly. Gets the Thc PUMPING! :smoke: Repeat when needed. :smoke: Wake N Bakes are awesome 2!

    Torched weed happens everyday, trillions of thc have been lost in unawareness, mal practice and I have witnessed it a good %. Think about the sober kids in Africa! SAVE THC! SAVE LIVES!

    Simple... But extremely useful! :smoke:

    Good example of what not to do when wanting to save Thc... [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    This is a good example of hitting a massive bong with premium grade hashish...

    [ame=""]YouTube - 2008 Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Part 8 The Longest Bong in the World SNOB[/ame]
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    I dunno, I usually do this with EVERY hit I take.

    Edit: Is there a reason you spell out the entire name for THC instead of just saying weed? And everything you wrote is common sense.
  3. welcome to smoking weed.
  4. Thats cause u kno wut ur doing... torched weed happens everyday, trillions of thc have been lost in unawareness and I have witnessed it a good %. :eek::rolleyes::smoke: Think about the sober kids in Africa! :rolleyes: SAVE THC! SAVE LIVES! :hello::smoke:
  6. There's no reason to hold your hits in longer than 3 seconds. When you hold it in for 10, it's just the combo of thc and oxygen shortage that's making you seem higher. And you're not gonna vape the weed with a lighter, but it's good to be gentle with it so you don't burn the whole bowl.
  7. lol oh the confidence the internet gives people. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. :rolleyes: I was being sarcastic then stated I'm baked n bored. :rolleyes:
  9. You don't wanna be smoking that schwagg, nasty mids with high quanities of carcinogens, CBN, CBD. SMOKE DANK! :smoke:

  10. CBN and CBD are a huge part of your high.
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  11. No... cbn is thc effected and turned into cbn by inproper curing/during/lighting, cbd makes u tired...
  12. U SURE SUMMED ME UP REAL GOOD! :rolleyes:
  13. almost everything about step 4 is nonsense, except for blowing out of your nose
  14. people dwell in very nonsensical worlds...
    i hear my flight boarding...
  15. It seems like you have taken the relaxing part of smoking and replaced it with an intense Tae-Bo workout. There's no need to do all that work to try and maximize your high. If you are tight on weed just use a small waterfall and hold the hit for 3-5 seconds.
  16. If I have a high tolerance, 1 hit won't do shit but get me a buzz.

    Only hold the smoke in for 5 seconds. Step 4 is BAD

    Thanks for reminding me to use my magnifying glass, it is such a nice day with a lot of sun and no wind. :bongin:
  18. I can't disagree with that :D
    It's going to be amazing. bikes, longboarding, rafting, hiking, good outdoor parties, smoking blunts while looking at stars and shit. Can't fucking wait.

    man, im gonna enjoy this day before the cold comes back
  19. Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is MERELY energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness EXPERIENCING ourselves subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream AND WERE the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the weather
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