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How to get high off a little bit of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mattpunk, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Well I have like barely any weed left and I really want to get high... What's the best way to get high off a little bit of weed? I don't have much tolerance, after like my first hit I space out when taking hits and end up smoking the whole bowl and I've only been smoking for 6 months, kinda funny... my sisters and brother in laws who've been smoking for years look at me and their jaws drop lol. So I wanna get high, only got a little weed not even much, it's pretty good stuff, not the best, but it's alright.
  2. go on youtube or google or w.e and see how to make a gravity bong.. there are some pretty simple ones. Dont lit the whole bowl when taking a rip. Only light an edge.
  3. uhhh there is no magical way to get high off a little weed... i really dont see a gravity bong being helpful when he only has a little weed...

    and im guessing by little, he means not even a small bowls worth. just pack what you have in a bowl and smoke it in one hit. thats all you can really do trust me ive been in that situation before and you either smoke what u got and barely get high or you can try doing some resin hits
  4. Just smoke it man... A little never goes a long way....

    Atleast when its weed.
  5. Gravity bong or vaporizer. 2 most efficient ways of getting THC into your system smoking (although vaporizers technically don't "smoke" anything).

    Get a water bottle, put a wrench socket in the cap, cut big holes in the bottom, and light up.
  6. lol problem solved go get more weed
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    A gravity bong won't get you 'higher' then a pipe. Bongs hit you harder because it's easier to smoke more weed at once. There is actually THC loss in the water, it's negligible, but proves you won't get higher off the same amount of weed.

    Just light a bowl (bong, pipe, watever), take a long, slow, deep hit and ghost it. If you have enough for 2 hits then take 2 hits. You don't want to cough out smoke that hasn't run thru your lungs yet.

    Then if you're not where you want to be yet take some resin rips. If you have a good layer on your bowl u can scrape it off and make a pile. Otherwise you can just light the sides of an empty bowl and get hits outta it. I'v also noticed that you can get some decent hits if you plug the bowl and light the carb. There's a bunch of resin that collects on the bottom side of the bowl.
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  8. Make a home-made vaporizer... Or go get more weed, lol.
  9. Knife hit all the way.

    Most effiecient way possible.
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  10. The best thing to do when your low on bud is..... Buy more BUD!!!!!:D....:smoke: heh
  11. vaporizer always works for me.
  12. The best way to get high with little weed is to grab a one hitter, like one of those metal cigarette looking ones, and to pack it up and light it and inhale. The trick is when you inhale, inhale deeep into your lungsand do your best not to cough...ever. You just hold in the smoke as long as you possibly can. If you can get like 5 hits like that you will sit back and just be very suprised how stoned you are. For real.
  13. The most practical way would be grabbing the bong and hitting it , now depending on your definition of "barely", You will be either left with a buzz or a very mediocre high.

    But this comes from someone who smokes multiple times daily. My definition of barely would be at least a .1 , .2 To be sure youll get high.

    my tolerance level might also be higher than yours, just hit it out the bong and youll see . Happy tokin
  14. i usually just take as big and slow of a rip as possible then hold it in until i cant hold it in any longer...and i usually smoke a cig with it...oh and you can eat a mango like 30-45 minutes prior to smoking..just suggestions
  15. like others said... gravity bong! it helps to save every bit of smoke you can get :yay:
  16. You definitely have not tried using a good gravity bong then. If you only have a small amount of bud UNDOUBTEDLY make a gravity bong(or a waterfall). Especially if you are not used to them, you will get soo blazed while also using your bud wisely. No matter what you decide to do, blaze it up and have yourself a good time! :smoking:

  17. The type of piece you use does does not dictate how high you get. The amount of weed you smoke does.
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  18. Mango...?
  19. Mangos and pot have a chemical in them called Mycrene. When you eat a ripe mango, the mycrene helps the THC get to where it needs to be to get you high. Resulting in a more intense high.
  20. hot knife. if i got a little bit of bud, i hot knife the shit out of it and i always get sooo blazed!!!!
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