How to get high in an airport?

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  1. Not smoking, obviously. Hahaha.

    But seriously.. I'm going to be flying across the country next week, and I want to know what the easiest thing to do to be high for my plane ride would be (firecracker, brownie, etc.)
  2. firecracker is the way to go but the woof woof might sniff em out

  3. If I ate a firecracker before the car ride there (about a 30 minute car ride) how long would the effects last?
  4. effects? you mean the high? 1-1:30 until you feel something... and after that depends on how much you put on that thing :D

    I dont know the laws in the us but being high shouldnt be illegal but wait for someone to tell you for sure. But if thats true it shouldnt make a diff what the dogs "say" :D as long as you got nothing on you

  5. Lol of course that's what I mean....... Hmm Do you guys recommend microwaving or cooking in oven with tinfoil?
  6. One strong brownie or firecracker should be able to last you the flight, might knock ya' out with the right dosage.
  7. I made a batch of brownies with about an ounce of AVB and I was blazed for about 6-7 hours from eating just one. If you make a firecracker with .7-1G of regular bud, it'll be about the same.

    And definitely make it in the oven with tinfoil, no microwave bullshit.
  8. Eat a brownie right before entering.
  9. eat the brownie or firecracker on an empty stomach so it hits you harder
  10. Just a warning, if the gate agent figures out they are high and they decide to be a douche, they have the legal right to kick you off the flight, but that shouldn't be a problem since they probably won't be able to tell.
  11. I'd eat like 2 brownies one before the car ride and one before you go in the airport. Or just one potent brownie.

  12. Idk man, I doubt they would do anything unless you were causing a scene, it's not like they can actually prove that you were high.

    They might try to check your bags or something, but that shouldn't be a problem.
  13. yeah that is true, its impossible to prove it so he should be fine, but if they make up some bullshit reason they could remove you from the flight based on the airlines rules, but thats very unlikely
  14. so... make a super firecracker, eat it, eyedrops, drive to airport, join mile HIGH club.

    BTW guys, I'm going to be with my grandmom!!! :hello:
  15. Definitely a brownie, man.

    I love airports, haha. Haven't been on a plane in 11 years.
  16. Just consume some edibles in your car before you walk into the airport, chew some gum while you're walking in, and put some eye drops in when you get a chance. You'll be FINE.
  17. I was flying back from Detroit and got bumped off the red eye home. Thank god because as I was watching the NBA Finals last year the plane pulled back in because they got half way and hit major storms.

    I was sitting there with my Marley shirt on and some kid sits down next to me and starts asking about how the game was going. We talked and he just had gotten in from Amsterdam and missed his connector flight. Asked if I was 420 friendly.. of course.. He gave me two tiny cookies. Like Oreo size but looked homemade. They were straight from Amsterdam and I was high as shit after eating one. I woke up in the airport with a bird sitting on my legs, people everywhere and Im still high. Turned out to be a good April 20th!

    Thanks to whoever that kid was!
  18. Brownies or budder

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