How to get fuller buds?

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    E07340FB-3617-4509-B536-84C863F29DBB.png A96B9269-A585-414D-B9EC-74AB42CAB159.png 23CABE2B-9B5B-4DB9-8069-AF882837EDD6.jpeg 86DEEA43-AE3D-4FB3-AB63-520FAF53A418.jpeg AF3FB5D5-7E6B-47C6-971B-2DE2F5502E52.jpeg B45ED351-48BE-4717-A378-4F48F1C399F1.jpeg Ok so I just finished harvesting my very first plant and it is now drying. My plant only grew to 29” which I’m fine with bc of space but it didn’t really fill up with buds like I’ve seen in pics. I didn’t expect a perfect grow my first time but am curious if anyone with experience can tell me why? I’m including pics of light and nutrients I used. I start the plant outside and moved it inside for flowering.

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  2. No picture OP.
  3. Ik I’m sorry I literally just joined and can’t figure out how to hide my keyboard so I can add pics. I’m getting very frustrated.

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  4. Ok I got the pics up. Damn that was difficult!

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  5. Imo. Could have used more light.
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  6. I still have no idea how the blurple light people come up with 1000 watts .
    130 watts actual consumption probably doesn't give you the 50,000 lux at 18'' =approx 600 -800 PAR you need for big, heavy colas.
    plant training/topping/scrogging etc. so it does not get so tall is the secret to getting more in a small space.
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    Well for one you harvested way way early and the buds still had a lot of growing left. All I see is white pistils in the pic of the chopped plant. You were way to early. Sucks but it's a lesson. An early harvest is most definetly the reason your buds didn't fill out better. They also would of been a lot more potent. Better lighting would of helped but your #1 issue is the harvest time.
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  8. agree with @killset. with the pics of the plant on your desk is covered with white pistils. you harvested her weeks early.
    Plants aren't going to be done until all those white flower pistils have turned color, shriveled up, than retracted back into the bracts/caylx. THAN you can start to look at the color of the trichomes under a jewelers scope to see if they are ready yet.
    As killset mentioned, it sucks to learn a lesson this way but I bet 99% of new growers all do the same. When you see the end coming into view in the near future it's hard to not get impatient and want to chop them down, but you need to wait. those last couple of weeks are the hardest of the whole grow because of that :)
    I'm on my 4th or 5th grow overall and I still tend to harvest too early it seems.
    you will learn a little bit each grow and keep getting better results.

    and improving your lighting will help also... :)
  9. Last few weeks the buds pack on a decent amount of weight. Had you waited until the plant was ready to harvest the outcome would of been totally different
  10. Better lighting to start, its funny my first grow i have these nugs that i imagine if i had no guns or ammo, and needed a weapon i could use a sling shot and dome people with dank, as a dankster would.

    Its like being pelted with rocks lol

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