How to get friends to stop mocking you!

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  1. Hello GC.

    My group of friends seem to pick on me in a very joking way for small things. I know they are just joking around, like I used to do to them. But it's really quite annoying, I also have one friend that constantly tries to embarrass me! But whenever I annoy him back he gets all defensive and starts pushing me, he also has countless things that I could mock him for, but I don't.

    Now I know this is all very childish and you would've thought my friends would've grown out of doing it but are there any techniques to get them to stop?

    For instance like not responding to them and just staring blankly or something like that?

    Thanks GC, sorry if this post is silly or doesn't make any sense.
  2. Why's this is Sex, Love and Relationships.
  3. lol, me and my friends do this all the time to this 1 kid. were always joking though.

    But i gotta tell you we kinda pick on him in a jokingly way but hes our bro, its just for jokes
  4. i was wondering the same thing
  5. I guess he figures your home boys count under relationship I guess technically it does, but still looks fucked. Simple answer stop being a bitch talk shit back...if he pushes pushes back gotta let him know you're know push over he only does it because he thinks he can get away with it...let him know theres a line that you don't want crossed....I thought something like that would be instinct really.
  6. Dude friends rip on friends, especially guys. Its part of life bro. Just rip back. And if the friend youre talking about gets defensive and even physical, rock his shit, he'll stop after that. Guaranteed :)
  7. "Hey friends, stop mocking me."
  8. Do you have gay relations with your friends?
  9. It's because you bitch out and don't fuck with them back.
    If you rip them hardbody they won't fuck with you anymore.
    also your friends sound like assholes.
    and if you want EVERYONE to stop bothering you buy a ratchet

  10. Because you still have relationships with your friends, you dirty minded apes. It's not all sex.

    OP, I would ditch them or tell them it's getting old. I used to get mocked by my friends too when we'd all hang out... and then one day I freaked out on them and they ceased to behave immaturely.

  11. I don't know if you were educated properly or whether you just have a dirty mind but a relationship can be between two friends. Just like you have a relationship with your parents. Do you understand?
  12. i think what he meant was that in order to have a place in this section, a topic needs to cover sex, love, AND relationships.

    in other words this story is lacking sex.

  13. *masturbates* There ya go, theres your sex ;)
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    Wait, if 'relationships' refer to all human contact, why don't all topics related to people go in this section?

    I'm having problems with my dealer.
    Do I come and post here? It's a relationship problem.

    Don't talk to me like an idiot. I 'understand'.
    Man up and stop fucking crying over a bit of teasing between friends you pussy.

    Ummmm yeah, name-calling isn't so much appreciated around here bro. Please read GrassCity's rules regarding member conduct. ~AK~

  15. You, sir, are an asshole :wave:

  16. now we're good :ey:
  17. Just agree with them and play into it. If you really agree with them hard core and one up them in insulting yourself, they will be fucked, unless they one up your one up. Idk how much wit you have. Try it.
  18. Gotta be witty, OP.

    I acquired my wit until just a few years ago. That's really the only thing that worked for me.

    I remember when I was locked up (one of my first few times), dudes would bust my balls. I fucking said one time, "Why are you guys being so mean to me?"

    I learned real quick not to say that again!

    Fuckin, next time they fuck with you, look at one of them and say, "And look who's talking, formeldahide-face!"

    Or something. Don't hold back. Just rip them when you get a chance. Even preempt it. They'll stop once you beat them in their own game!
  19. CHILL winston, you seem like a very aggressive young man.

    I would suggest you try and smoke some indica, it might relax you a little bit.

  20. Before I jump into this, I just wanna say "I talk wit slang and Imma neva stop speakin it"

    But you can always assert yourself and just tell em shut the fuck up or something. I mean there's always sitting them down and talking to them and telling them they gotta chill cause they over doin it, or you could just scream out a good ol' shut the fuck up and how they over doin it.

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