How to get friends that are girls to blaze with you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Diplo, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I've got a couple of good friends that are girls that I will go out and party with , but that is limited to alcohol. What's a good way to gently pry them to smoke with you?

    It's not like I'm going to force smoking on anybody or anything like that, I just think they would enjoy it but for some reason a lot girls have this "weed is evil" attitude and won't get near the stuff even when they know nothing about it.

    Oh and not at a party, alcohol + weed (for first timers) = bad in my experience

    How would you do it?
  2. Ask.

  3. educate them. They sound pretty ignorant if they're okay with putting alcohol in their system, but not marijuana.
  4. ignorant =/= "they don't do the drug I like"

    I agree with you, its just not ignorant though, they're making a choice for their bodies.

    If you smoke around people, the people that are interested in smoking will eventually show some interest and partake. If they aren't interested, don't try to make them smoke it. Thats silly
  5. I'd offer it while not coming onto them, if they say no then it's pretty much a done deal IMO

  6. I didn't mean ignorant in a negative connotation, Im just saying that "weed is evil" attitude probably stems from not knowing about the benefits and how its not harmful, and alcohol is worst.
  7. They're probably the kind that get drunk as fuck every weekend, but when they hear weed, "Na that stuffs bad for you."
  8. Just dont man, if they want to smoke theyll smoke dont try to convince them to smoke...youll be the one to get blame if anything happen to them in the future
  9. Yeah, when I go out with them we usually drink fairly heavily, and yet they think marijuana is going to give them cancer after one hit....

    The thing is that I never smoke around them, and I don't ever really have a reason to bring it up, so it's kind of out of there minds.

    I think I'll just kind of hint at it for a while or maybe talk about it when were all kind of drunk together. Warm them up to the idea and talk some sense into them

    IMO it's fun to toke up with girls, but I rarely meet any that smoke :mad:.
  10. befriend me and my friends. We smoke harder than any girls I know :smoking:
    probably why dudes always hit us up.
  11. You have to just repeat it over and over again until their minds trick them into wanting it

    In HS me and a buddy would repeat "Sex and drugs" randomly to a couple girls we were friends with. Well eventually they asked us to smoke, and then one thing lead to another and now I have a fucking kid.

    Just kidding, but I did get to nail one of them. :yay:

  12. first, a way to get them to smoke is to light up a joint and casually smoke it. just ignore them for a little bit. let them watch you, and maybe offer them a hit. after a few times of seeing this they might want one hit or something then bam you got them.

    second, alcohol/weed for first time is real bad.. dont do that
  13. "Look but don't touch" "Smell but don't taste". People eat that shit up. They'll be asking to hit it within a minute.

    This guy's got it.
  14. its real easy..

    just dangle the weed in front of their faces, wave it back and forth a little..

    do a little animal call, like how you would call a cat over...pss pss pss pss pss

    make sure you're smiling...

    they will follow, they always do
  15. and if youre really daring then when they ask pretend like you dont want to give it to them ahah
  16. your title should have been "how to get people against marijuana to blaze with me?"
  17. He obviously just cares about the women.
  18. Find "cooler girls".
  19. What happens if you ask "hey wanna smoke weed?"

  20. Youre about to get fucked hard. By the long dick of gc rep.

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