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How to get extremely high again?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Keith McKief, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Ever since I've developed a higher tolerance, it seems like I'm never reaching that same high as I used to. I mean, I still get high, but that seems like it's about it, just high. Even when I get stoned, I still feel just, "really high". I don't get that same sinking, heavy, amazing feeling anymore and it's starting to depress me haha. I don't feel like taking a tolerance break, so I need help on how to reach that same high again?

    Smoke more? Smoke differently? Smoke a certain way?

    If it helps the situation, I have some delicious bud right now:

    And I have a bong, and a glass pipe. I can take large hits, and I can hold the shit out of them. I feel like I'm doing all I can but I'm still not achieving that high. What should I do?
  2. You have to lower your tolerance plain and simple. That means taking a t-break, and not some dumb 3 day or week long one. You should take a month long t-break and if you don't think you can go without smoking for that long then you really should.

    P.S holding in your hits does nothing after about 10 seconds except restrict oxygen from getting to your brain.
  3. Only thing that will do it is a t break. Even if you smoke a huge amount you'll get ridiculously high but not that euphoric blown out of your mind high. Or take dabs, that's the solution to everything.
  4. make some iso or bho. getcha super stoned.

  5. I'm aware of this, I only hold my hit in for about 3-6 seconds anyway.

    But fuck, I was really hoping that a t-break wouldn't be the only solution. I guess I'm just going to have to settle with being ridiculously high rather than europhically blitzed.
  6. Wait now I'm curious, how much do you guys smoke before stopping if you're smoking alone?
  7. Roll up or bong. Using a bowl is way slower. Roll up like a 2-3g joint and smoke that up. Or just put a 2g nug in the bong and do a few rips.
  8. It's not ever going to be the same as it used to be without a tolerance break. Even then, it would take quite a long tolerance break to get back to that feeling from when you first started smoking.

    You can try to smoke a shit ton at once, maybe out of a gravity bong. But even if that does get you that feeling back, you'd have to smoke even more next time. And even more the time after that.

  9. I know, I took a 6-month tolerance break once and the first sesh I had after returning was the last time that I felt that high.
  10. I smoke until I feel like I've had enough, it all depends.

  11. Same here, but that point I stop at is usually about 0.2-0.5
  12. Well if you have a tolerance then this might be the problem
  13. someone suggested dabs, why did you not question it? It's clearly your answer if you don't want a tbreak

  14. Yeah I'm definitely smoking too little... but the problem is that I'm also low with money so I also have to be good with conserving. But I guess since I'm off from school and have no other priorities, I should just indulge myself, huh?

  15. Oh yeah, dabs. I can't afford a dabbing rig and all the equipment, also, I don't have reliable concentrate connects so dabbing isn't really an option for me. Unless I'm committed to saving up and buying the neccessary equipment, I probably won't be dabbing for a while.
  16. definitely try a new strain, you will get much higher than usual since its something new youre not used to. gets you pretty high the first few times then you need to try another
  17. Bake a nice batch of whateverthefuck ediles spark your interest. Mentality's half the battle. Then warm up a vape and take bong rips while you're waiting.

    Get back to me

  18. That's.. not necessarily true, though...

    I've been smoking for almost a decade now, and I get new strains regularly. They don't get me any higher anymore. Weed is just weed at this point, everything is dank around here. :hide:

  19. This gave me a good laugh:laughing: Very true. I am doubting OP owns a vaporizer although I am a daily toker and a good edible will get me "too" high.

  20. maybe my dealer just keeps getting danker shit then :smoking: whatevs

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