How to get em over.

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  1. So my weakpoint is getting the girls over to chill, getting their numbers is easy, and once they're over i can get the job done, how do the rest of yaal get them over to your place to try something.
  2. I hear the musings of a rapist...
  3. yah this is a pretty bad thread, no offense dude
  4. "We should chill."
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    I go outside their bedroom window with a shotgun... and wait.
  6. Do you have a windowless van, and an ample supply of duct tape?
  7. It's easier if you throw parties, or even just have some people over.

    Otherwise just ask her if she wants to watch a movie/scrapbook/fuck like rabbits.
  8. This always works for me.
  9. In all seriousness, I agree with the party. Just invite some friends over, and have her invite some of hers or something, bada bing bada boom.
  10. Offering ample amounts of money should do the trick.
  11. i've tried that, maybe it's because my house has no windows and is made out of solid concrete?
  12. You got a dungeon thing going on, eh? Just tell 'em it's an energy efficient home of the future or something - that'll get 'em right where you want 'em. :yummy:

    Just make sure nobody see's her come in and you're golden.

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