How to get cloudy “stains” out of my bong?

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  1. I have tried absolutely everything to get the “permanent” shadowed stains out of my bong. Attached is a picture of the cloudiness I’m referencing right after a 99% iso wash.

    It is a fritted disc rooster that I have tried Iso/salt, CLR, grand master smoke, dark crystal glass cleaner, and soon to attempt orange zep from a Reddit forum. Possibly orange chronic after that, I just know abrasives aren’t the best for a disc

    None of these have worked, even after allowing it to soak for a period of days. I believe this cloudiness is occurring because of either 1.) hard water sediment build up in our tap. Or 2.) because I used the bong and let the dirty water sit for 2-3 days without cleaning it resulting in a stain.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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  2. Can you reach the inside with a wine bottle cleaner. Darker wine tends to stain bottles wouldnt be able to get them clean without it.

    Stuff I use on my pipes, works very well.

    Wine bottle cleaners a 8 pack and 3 pack, whichever you think would work best

  3. bottle- brush, ISO and salt, for the really hard bits

    good luck
  4. Maybe all those harsh chemicals kind of etched the glass?:confused_2:
  5. Took me a while but found it,
    I had the same problem as you before on one of my bongs but as specs and the only chemical that removed those specs was Simple Green Professional Grade Concentrated Glass Cleaner.
    Well that and a hard bristle brush and brushing for half hour with that and then making long extended q-tips and scrubbing viscously .. but hey, in the end you have a clean and factory looking bong again.
    good luck
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