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how to get big buds

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by middieman440, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. hey guys how do you get big fat buds outside?what should i use for ferts?i used horse manure for mine and they grew beautifull and the soil was also very good but the buds werent all that impressive in size but very good high the strains wer strawberry cough?and blueberry.what did i do wrong and the spots are very good sun all day pretty much?
  2. Horse manure is excellent but it's for in the soil mix, not regular feeding when you water. After 3-4 weeks, the nutrients will be gone in your soil (unless they have access to excellent soil outdoors and can reach for more). Therefore, as you may know, you must add quick release fertilizers that the bacteria and organisms in your soil will eat and decompose in a form that your plant can use it to get Big buds!!!

    For organics (less risk of burn and easier to eat by the micro organisms in your soil, hence better for your plant than chemicals).

    In winter, if you can, mix your soil with bone meal/blood meal (slow release)(just a little see how much). In spring, add 20% worm castings (important stuff for holding water and for the little bugs in there, very beneficial). Once you got a good soil mix, water with teas all along the season.

    Vegetation: more N (nitrogen). 1 or 2 teas could be enough.
    -compost tea
    -worm castings tea
    -rabbit shit tea
    -sea guano tea (has both N and P)
    -nettle tea
    -russian comfrey tea (has all: N,P,K)
    -blood meal you sprinkle on top (just a little) etc...

    Flowering:more P (phosphorous)
    -bat guano tea (highly recommended phosphorous source)
    -fish emulsion
    -egg shells (also has calcium, slow release)
    -ashes (slow release)
    -bone meal you sprinkle a little on top a few times in flowering (slow release)

    During veg and flower, also you need trace elements like:

    -Mg (magnesium) is important and often disregarded: add epsom salts (see dosage) twice in season. Dolomite lime also has Mg (slow release).
    -K (potash): seaweed/kelp teas
    -Sulfur (gypsum) (slow)

    3 weeks before end, to enhance taste and increase size of buds, stop nutes, and use blackstrap unsulfured molasses (1 then 2TBS per gallon) until harvest.

    You'll be getting big ass buds with this! Good luck.
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    Many growers are apparently unaware that potassium (K) is every bit as important to flowering and fruiting as P, probably more so.

    Your flowering fert should have every bit as much K as P. There are a lot of K-deficient flowering MJ plants about, which could be producing bigger buds.

    My BioCanna floracion, specially formulated for MJ, has NPK of 4-8-12

    A useful link: http://www.allotment.org.uk/fertilizer/npk-fertilizer.php
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    I like organic, but if you want really big buds get some 5-51-17 or 10-50-10 (you get the idea, high P) and give em a couple shots of that when they start flowering. You'll get some big buds but they may not taste so good, unless you lay off the ferts for at least 3 weeks before harvesting. (Use this non-organic stuff only if you must)
  5. thanks will keep this all mind for this season coming up. now i just need to find seeds the smoke around here is good but no seeds :( so i need to go on a search for a hippie lol but i need find someone in ct but ima shy person when it comes to this. nobody i know knows that i smoke so i wanna keep it that way,i had a female this yr that i pollinated but some kids stole it on me so now im left with 5 seeds non fem so hopefully i find something here:smoking:
  6. You could always just grow the strain Big Bud.
  7. That's too funny man!!!
  8. In three words...Lots of sunshine.
  9. is o p still around?
  10. Straight plant crack right there.

    No organic big buds here. Haha
    God I can't wait for outdoor season to start.

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