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  1. As far as I'm concerned, it matters not who started the drug war. Obama is 'in charge' and as the President, he should be doing something to stop these acts of violence against citizens by 'peace officers'. There has to be a way to get him to say something on the issue. I wish I could follow him and harass the shit out of him on a daily basis like in Head of State but they'd more than likely shoot me too. Come on guys, even if we don't manage to get legalization or something along the lines of widespread decriminalization soon, we have to do something about the police raid related shootings because they won't stop. This man was shot defending his home with a fucking golf club! Obama needs to be called out because regardless of all the politics, there has to be some kind of compassion for human life.

    [ame=]YouTube - Blair Shooting.m4v[/ame]

    The police had a no-knock warrant (though they forgot to bring it) to search for drugs. Busting down a citizen's door quickly, loudly, and with overwhelming force is the standard. Sure, the guy they were looking for was a roommate who had already moved out (and they knew it), but it is so vitally important that we find and imprison people smoking weed at home that even a hastily-planned no-knock midnight raid without warrant paperwork is preferable to allowing one more joint to be smoked by a middle aged man in his own home.

    It is standard operating procedure to send the “Weber-Morgan County Narcotics Strike Force” in all-black full body armor, toting automatic weapons under the cover of night. If police are confronted by someone wielding arms, like, say, an average cannabis consumer with a former drug dealing roommate who grabs a golf club to defend himself when he's suddenly awakened in the dead of night by armored ninjas toting machine guns, they are legally allowed to discharge their firearm to defend themselves and neutralize the suspect.

    When you break down a man's door in the middle of the night with guns drawn, somebody dying isn't an unexpected outcome. This is a drug raid gone right. We send stormtroopers into American homes 100-150 times per day on the premise that finding their drugs justifies risking their lives.

    Most of the time nobody dies (except the dog) and the few that are killed that you read about are the ones that shock everybody because they didn't have large amounts of drugs or a firearm on them at the time. Yeah, mistakes were made, but you've got to expect some collateral damage in a War on Drugs, right?

    Note how many times you read about a raid where “multiple firearms” are found and that is used to justify the excessive force of the raid. How many times do they tell you those multiple firearms are a collection of hunting weapons or sporting arms or handguns for self defense? How about when a “felony amount” of drugs are found, so they must be drug dealers! Have you ever looked at what constitutes a felony level of drugs in some states? It's 3/4 of an ounce in Florida. It's an ounce in Oregon (yes, hippie dippie, medical marijuana-lovin', first-to-decrim Oregon!)

    Cannabis is not cocaine. It's not like we need to burst in quickly before the suspect flushes the evidence. If he's got any amount large enough for you to think he's a big time dealer invested in it enough to kill a cop, it's more than can be flushed, burned, or hidden. And if we've been dipping into the stash, unlike cocaine we're not going to go into some lunatic Tony Montana rage and spray cops with an Uzi. Damn, knock on the door and tell us you're Domino's and we're likely to just let you in!

    I know legalization might take awhile. Can we at least stop executing people in their homes over pot?

    Video Outrage: Utah Police Kill Marijuana Smoker in Own Home
  2. That video is only like a hundred years old....give it a rest.
    Have you been living in a cave for the last 2 years?
    Barak Obama has already spoken out about MJ and whether or not it should be legalized. He said NO. And not just NO, but FUCK NO.
    He thinks you're stupid because you keep asking him and he keeps telling you the same thing over and over again.
  3. I know how to get a response. Call in a bomb threat..... u'll be the center of attention
  4. Understandable. Quick question though. If we're not supposed to fight for legalization or the protection of fellow citizens during drug raids, then wtf is this section for and why are you in it? Are you saying we should just hang it up and forget about it just because he said no? Wtf is the point of being American if we can't/don't fight for shit? Maybe I'm wrong, but something about a man being shot in this manner for this reason rubs me the wrong way, I just thought fellow blades felt the same way and had ideas.

    And I already thought about bomb threats and death threats. The problem is they tend to take those things way too seriously nowadays and I don't want to risk being locked up indefinitely.

  5. OH, so you're not willing to do what is needed to get the job done. You'd suck as a terrorist.

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