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How to get a more potent tincture?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sceaspit11, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I recently made some tincture but i still have to wait a month for it to be finished. If i used 7G of dank for 3.5Fl oz of 80 proof alc, how can i make it more potent to the point where i can take less of the tincture to feel the same effect ?
  2. You'll want something higher proof (like everclear or 151). The extraction would be more efficient. If I recall correctly, lower proof will still extract THC, but you may also get more chlorophyll and other stuff that tastes nasty.

    I know PsychedelicSam has a good recipe that uses a cold temperature extraction (and it works well, according to my experience with it). BadKittySmiles has a great in-depth tutorial on all sorts of methods (citric acid, traditional dragon, coconut oil) and WildWill has an excellent glycerine tincture recipe.
  3. You can simply reduce the alcohol over a double boiler. Reduce by 50% then test.
    It definitely would have been better to start with a higher proof alcohol. 151 is usually the recommended minimum. I use 191 proof Everclear.
  4. Should i reduce it after its done or now?
  5. When it is done.

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