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How to get a more intense high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Finne33, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Its not like I have been a daily smoker for years and my tolerance is up, but I was wondering if taking in caffeine before smoking or after will make my high more intense. I have been smoking for about a month and some weeks Ill smoke every other day and others Ill smoke everyday, multiple times a day. Can I already have a tolerance?? Anyway, my main question is what can I do to get a more intense high? Also, I have redbull, pepsi, and migraine pills (contains a lot of caffeine). If I drank or took these, would it intensify or kill my buzz? And no, I will not overdose on migraine pills, only take the recommended amount for a migraine. Also, please dont tell me I need to get some kind of weed. Sorry if this post seams choppy and jumpy.

  2. If your over 21 you can just sip on some alcohol while your toking.
  3. caffeine doesnt really make a high stronger. it just makes the high different. more energetic and active.
  4. No, I am not over 21. I heard mangos can make a high more intense, but I thought it was just myth.
  5. Eat some mangoes man. Take some fish oil daily... T-breaks, any strain change of bud seems to make a difference the first few bowls

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  6. I will definitely try the mangos. I can just see myself now,
    "Hey mom, can we get some mangos?"
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    Never tried it lol, I'm going to try soon though.
  8. Tolerance breaks will help every once in a wile if you could take a few days off... And gravity bongs will make the high more intense
  9. Eat a mango

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  10. do some dabs guy

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  11. I've noticed that when I take the time to just relax and smoke rather than do a speed sesh, I get more high. It's just with this cold weather, I want to smoke as fast as possible.

    So just take your time. Works for me
  12. Find some better weed.
    Sorry if you don't wanna hear that. It's the truth :smoking:
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    I would prefer to recommend to this kid to not worry so much about how stoned you are getting, but how you are using your stonedness to better humanity. It doesn't have to be at that moment that you're stoned, but that's when you should have time to evaluate your life and your actions. Make sure you sprinkle a little kief on top of your bowls to get nice and toasty! The best way besides buying pre-packaged kief is to buy a four- or five-part grinder that has a kief catcher function.
    Edit: I haven't actually tried the mango trick but I believe it. To me, it seems to be more about a healthy lifestyle in general that promotes better highs.
  14. mango?! i laughed out loud thinking it was a joke.
    i'm definitely giving it a try haha
    and i love mangos
    well, some people like to mix alcohol, it gives me a headache and alcohol consumption just isn't good for you. I feel tired and drowsy the next morning. 
    I would recommend dabbing but then you said you have been smoking for a month only right? 
    I wouldn't want to mess up my tolerance by going straight to concentrates.. 
    i would take a couple of days off or add some wax to my weed. Take your time while you smoke and try not to smoke all day long.
  15. Eat mangos about 40 mins before you get high.
  16. If you add lime and sprinkle a little chili powder onto that mango it intensifies your levels to the square root of 32
  17. I have a nasty heart problem and I know weed affects pulse rate and blood pressure....tolerence breaks....alternate vape and smoking. Be really friggin careful with the redbull and caffine...they affect your heart in a really bad way....and this includes younger people as well.
  18. 1) Take a T-break
    2) Get the best weed (and edibles, etc.) available to you
    3) Eat some Mangos about an hour before you toke
    4) Smoke a shit load, eat some edibles, whatever you want
    5) Be high as fuck.

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