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how to get a medical card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jtangorunnin, May 15, 2006.

  1. does anybody know how to get a medical card? i heard about this guy getting one in three hours once. just as an experiment..
  2. ya theres a video of it somewhere on the internet

    it was a local california new station that did the experiment the dude had a card and a sakc in 3 hours hah

    hopefully you at least realize that you have to live in clifornia to get one that easily

    most places like here(colorado) you have to fill out an application, get refered by a doc etc...

    takes way mroe than 3 hours in states that arent california hah
  3. got my card with no medical reccords... was a walk-in... saw the doc within 10 mins... was out of the office 10 mins later (card in hand), walked 1 block to the nearest dispensery... and walked out 20 mins later with a quarter of kush and some Narc Bars ;P
  4. I somehow doubt that this actually happend that easily...
  5. what illness do you have to have to get a green card and can you get them in florida
  6. a green card is something for illegals, well i guess there not illegal if they have the card hah im stoned lol

    and no they are not available in florida
  7. Don't abuse the system....
  8. You've gotta have a medical condition. A Doc will not risk his entire practice on something stupid.
  9. Honestly... Clinics are for people who are dieing of cancer or have bad issues... If your trying to get a med card just so you can get high, your basicly stepping on top of sickly cancer patients to get your high.

    If you want to get easy weed, I suggest you work hard to become an activist, or contact your local MPP or NORML chapter on how you can help the cause.
  10. yea, while it's fairly easy to get a medical card, especially in Cali, please don't abuse the system. While one could hope the doctor's are smart enough to be responsible, I know this isn't always the case. And just think of the fuel you would be adding to the proabitionist's cause if you got caught and it was found out you didn't really need it. You would also be hurting a lot of sick people's chances of getting what they need.

    I think everyone of age should be able to smoke if they want to, but there are better ways than scamming the medical system, especially in this day and age.
  11. If you want to get a for sure acceptance you ahve to go see your normal doctor and have him check the chronic pain box on the medical record sheet. Most places in California ask that you have one of these sheets but you may not even need it. In my case i had a serious injury to my ankle that the doctor described to me that i would have been better off breaking it. He said i may have pulled my tendon beyond repair. THree trips later with the same answer of why it is not healing, to told the doc that i need to get him to check the chronic pain box and he did, since after a year the pain still didnt go away. I didnt even have to explain anything to the pot doc, he took my fee, and a copy of my medical sheets and i was out in 20 min.
  12. If you're suuuper desperate... crash your car. Go to the doctor immediately afterwards and be like: My back it hurts so bad from the whip lash. Ow Ow Ow... they'll give you pain medicine and give you a date to check back in.

    Sickly abuse the pain medicine and then come back and be like I took so many and it didn't help barely, I can't even function. Ooooh the pain!

    They'll give you either more or something different and another date. Repeat last step and then when you come back repeat the other thing and then either he'll suggest MMJ or you can bring it up.

    Whatever. Don't actually do it though. Because, well, leave the HIV + cancer patients alone. Poor guys/gals...
  13. Its true, no doubt i went through the same process.:smoking:
  14. Abusing the system only makes it harder on the rest of us who really DO need the marijuana for medicine.

    I've been a patient for over 3 years now, and my condition is Degenerative Disc Disease, which I've had for well over 20 years now. (yeah, I'm an oldtimer) It causes severe pain-- in my case, in my lowest back, and has for many years. In my case, a home accident as bad as any car accident made things much worse and caused my spinal column to collapse and made me shorter by 2 inches literally overnight.
    Well, here it is, 3 years after the accident, and I'm STILL in major pain from the accident. The doctors tell me it won't ever go away. This is where smoking marijuana helps alot. While its not the perfect answer, it surely makes things tolerable enough that I can do my daily chores and at least live day to day without wanting to commit suicide, literally, from the pain levels. I can at least enjoy life again. The years of agony are basically over for me, and I couldn't be happier. Most of the time I don't even GET stoned...I just smoke enough to take the edge off the pain, and I quit. I've almost forgotten what its like to GET high!! *LOL*

    I hope this gives you some insight as to what a medical marijuana patient's life is like. This is the truth folks--bold and bald as it may be.

    Peace everyone, and have a great day!
  15. if weed helps you in any way its not abusing the system. You dont need some serious illness to get approved for medical weed in california. Pretty much any disorder/illness qualifies under california law.

    Now if you make something up then thats abusing the system...but your stupid if you make something up, under california laws you really dont need to make shit up.

  16. dont doubt it, iits that easy. Cept doctors dont give you cards, they sign a recommendation that you can use to get a id card from either oakland or sf or from your county if they have them. Also theres clubs by some of the weed clinics so its defintally possible to get approved then walk a couple blocks down the street and get some medical herb.
  17. everyone keeps sayin "dont abuse the system" well i say fuck the system b/c the system is there to fuck you. why should only certain ppl with certain illnesses decided by our twisted goverment get to partake of a plant that God made for man to use. who the hell are they to decide who can and cant use whatever they want.

  18. Shut the fuck up. Its called MEDICAL marijuana. Not, "HEY MAN HAVE SOME WEED." The people that use that system need it to even make it through the day. Are you terminally ill with cancer? Multiple Schlerosis? No. You're just a lazy shit that wants some bud. Walk down the street to a dealer like everyone else. You're the reason people in Cali that live every day in pain are being prosecuted by the DEA. You're the reason the Supreme Court overturned a vote passed in 1995 to help these people. Die in a fire you scumbag.
  19. make friends with your doctor, but yea dont abuse the system, your smoking the bud someone else needs.

  20. dude thats very selfish and inmature. If you don't like the current laws then help to change them, its really that easy.

    Medical Marijuana is for people who need it, people like you who say fuck the a stystem thats in place to protect sick people puts all of them at risk. I know myself i'd be pretty pissed off if I couldn't get my medicine anymore cause some guy out there wanted to be a rebel and say fuck the government.

    Saying fuck the government does NOTHING but make things worse. If you want to smoke weed without being hassled then help marijuana advocates change the laws. Theres a low being voted on in congress in just a couple weeks, read up on it and contact your congress memebers if you really think its fucked up you cant smoke weed legally.

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