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How to get a job working with marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hydrochetta, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Ok so I'd like to know how do people get jobs working with marijuana? I've seen many videos ranging from; legal grow ops, Urban Grower, Cannabis Cup, THC seeds(displaying strains), and other seed companies displaying seeds.

    My whole life I was raised into believing marijuana was a horrid thing and I've just recently become an adult and I have discovered this hidden culture if you will allow me to call it such. It's amazing to see what I've hid from every police officer is being grown right here(USA) legally in our country by people like you and I. How can people obtain such a place in society where they grow for the government. Or working at a dispensary also amazes me. Working at a seed company would be phenomenal, I mean just being able to create an herb to your liking would be the best feeling.How does someone become permitted to grow medicinal marijuana, I mean this is crazy talk. Or last but definitely not least, an herb:eek:tester?! Go to youtube and check out Urban Grower. He works for a nutrient company which is amazing. I believe he too is an American, which isn't hard to see. But his license plate in one of his pictures reads, "Buds-1". How in the world is this possible? In the country where I almost went to jail for 2 ozs for and this guy is driving around with Buds-1 on his license plate?!

    How many times have you heard this growing up, " Do what you love."? Well, I have what I love and it is herbs and I would be the happiest guy on earth if I could just have on of these jobs.

    I need to be informed, please!!

    Sorry if this in the wrong forum but I figured this was a question for experienced tokers only!
  2. word... my friend works at an mj farm somewhere and i'm sure he reaps the benefits

    connections is how you get a job like that
  3. Attend a university, major in Biology/Botany, and grab a 3.5+ GPA. Destroy the GRE.
    Apply and attend a PhD program in Cannabis research (medicinal, genetics, etc.)
    Graduate, apply to professorships/research positions, work, enjoy life.

    Smoke weed.

  4. Botany will be a very hot field with everything going "green" and natural.
    Or you could be a journalist for NORML or High Times and work though them.
    Or be a musician/activist who spreads knowlege on Marijuana use.
    There are lots of ways =]

    A good place to ask would be your doctor if you live in a medical state, ask them where they get theirs from.
  5. This. And toke on. :smoking:

  6. I know this thread is old, but i just needed to ask.. is that really and the only way you can become successful at working with cannabis legally and make a career out of it, that has a steady income?

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