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How to get a job in the Marijuana Industry

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by BlazinBuds420, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. PEOPLE like you give the industry a bad rep!  you are just a snob!  well you don't know it all and there are PLENTY of people with dreams of getting into the newest, best industry to come along in a LONG time and MANY of them WILL make their dreams come true regardless of your negative input!!  Dont worry i dont think he is coming after your trimming job!!

  2. Then why come on a weed site asking help. You need a
    Trim job.
    Move along kid.

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  3. There will always be demand for high quality buds grown with love NOT in a warehouse on bottled nutrients,grown for yield and quick flower and uniformity. But those who love quality will come to people like meSent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I am sure he WASN'T asking for your negativity and arrogant attitude, but honest advice from people who have walked the road he wishes to attempt.  you sound fearful that someone is going to come along and threaten your position, If you are not interested in helping or offering a person advice.....FINE.....The question wasn't aimed at YOU.  But you should NOT feel that you have the right to put him and his dreams down because you have achieve yours, or be so arrogant.  
    There are operations out there that make your little crop look like a closet grow!!!  
    I wouldn't trim that crap for all the money in the world...as Nomad said very well....not everyone wants "walmart warehouse weed".  
    And last...I am not a Kid, and based on your hidden face and body language, you are young enough to have still been seed in your daddys sack when I started growing for QUALITY not QUANTITY!  
    So  you move along KID......
    Back to the post starter......YOU GO>>>if you dont reach for the stars you will never know how high you can go!!  Remember that guy called BILL GATES who started in a garage with just an idea?   And people with legit ideas and businesses don't hide behind scarves.
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    Move along kid. Take your nonsense elsewhere. Walmart warehouse closet grow. Lol Now we can tell you have no idea what you are talking about. Go troll for kids at the local high school if you need trimming help.
    All my stuff is lab grade top shelf that goes for top dollar, so what would I be scared of a little kid living in mom and dads house.
    Let's see your garden with all your years of growing. . . Let's see your lab test. I am sure it will take you a while to dig some up of the internet. So move along.

    And you didn't even answer the op question. Go for it. What a help you were. Go start another account somewhere else and troll on.

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  6. 2 words......"Housing Bubble"
    those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.
  7. Everyone knows those tests aren't worth shit, it tests 1 gram off a whole plant.show me 10 tests off the same plant and well talk. And your a fucked off provider if in fact you do provide medical, what with the 54 pesticides found in you're 1gram sample. I spit at you sir. I worked in a dispensary til this new year when I decided to go into business for myself. I know all the tricks and bullshit told to people who buy. Worked at the only honest dispensary I've been to. And you know how I got that job?I went in every day, I asked questions, I displayed my knowledge openly. I wasn't annoying about it, I became friends with EVERYONE, the patients, the growers, the bud tenders, and the owner. and then I applied for the job. And got it that day without an interview.

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  8. That's cool you have never seen my grow nore smoked it. So inform me in how I grew my product then. I could say all the same crap about your product but I have never seen it so how could I.
    Good for you. You were just another burnt out bud tender like the rest of the people that work in the industries. Only honest dispensary. Lol. You just lost all credibility after that. Sounds like something someone would say just to sell some product.
  9. Thanks for the like. I had forgotten what a great post I had made. hahaha
     Yeah, it was pretty good!
  11. I actually got that info from YOU it says on your picture you posted what pesticides were in your product. And I never said I was a bud tender lmao I was in sales and acquisitions. I sought out the growers, and chose what would be on the shelves. I had to be VERY informed about the product. Know how it was grown,fertilized, what chemicals were in the product. I purchased nothing sub par or anything that was a great deal. Which is better than allot of the dispensaries I've been to in was

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  13. How about a good explanation on why your "loved" buds are any better than anyone else's weed?  In my 40 years of growing, I'd say it has much more to do with the plant itself than who's growing it. 
  14. [quote name="xdog" post="19458960" timestamp="1391454085"]How about a good explanation on why your "loved" buds are any better than anyone else's weed? In my 40 years of growing, I'd say it has much more to do with the plant itself than who's growing it. [/quote]no scientific evidence proves that"loving ".your plants makes them better, but I've given out clones to people who didn't "love" them, and the same amazing pot I had grown turned to shit in someone else's hand, I've also taken clones from other people who grew,but did it purely for profit,under bad conditions, and they didn't give a shit about their strains, but under my care and guidance they turned out amazing. I'm not saying I'm ENTIRELY responsible, but I know from experience a loving guiding hand works better than a plant left alone knives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  15. OK - so someone else was able to kill some clones and you were able to grow clones from someone else.  Sounds like your loving guiding hand is stroking your ego.....or something else.
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    Didn't say they were killed, they were a sad imitation of my bud. I'm pretty sure you talk to any grower and they'll agree that taking care of your plants produces better plants than just fucking them off And that was just an example BTW Christ.....knives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high

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