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How to get a hookup?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SmoWeed, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. My supplier was recently jailed, and I've been buying from this one dude who mostly sells mids. For a while now I've been smoking these mids and I'm tired of it. Yesterday I spent most of the day making calls to friends, trying to find a new supplier, but so far I haven't been successful...

    Anyone have any suggestions about finding a good dealer?
  2. You could use the search feature.
  3. Meet people, talk to them, ask where they got their dank, smoke with new people.
  4. tell them you'll suck their dicks for weed...

    shouldn't have any trouble finding any... always worked for me
  5. ^what he said^

    also go to a head shop meet people. if theres a local smoke spot go and find someone to match bowls and meet people that way
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    I've been smoking for a good 3-4 years and I'm in your shoes right now. There is virtually NO fire in the St.Louis area this week. None. It's fucking harsh man. I haven't smoked for about 2 days now because of my refusal to smoke mids. I've exhausted my contact list. Oh well, my friend is coming back from Florida tomorrow and will hopefully bring some happiness.
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    Well, I have a reliable source but sadly the plants have not fully developed. Budding process is not complete.

    Like a few others, I have no real, solid connections with anyone. Zilch. I'm one of those rare types who always seems to rely on others and its rough at times. I feel like a total pest asking friends to help score for me. Whenever I mention something about possibly meeting the dealer, I always get the same fucking response. I.E. 'Oh, I dunno. He's pretty uptight and particular".

    I usually purchase a larger quantity of smoke when I do make my purchases so I can avoid these awful cravings I have. In example: I'm gonna be picking up $200+ this weekend. That will definitely be enough to last me for awhile. Hopefully $200 will equal at least an ounce or more. I have 3 friends who smoke and all use different dealers (from different locations/counties) so I'm kinda shopping around for best price. Prices do varies and at the end of the day its a matter of quality, right?

    If anyone is interested in prices, check out this:
    WeBeHigh.com - Worldwide Marijuana Travel Guide With Marijuana Prices, Spots & Legalization Status

    Of course I live in the boonies and only major cities are listed.

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