how to get a girlfriend

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  2. cool, thumbs down'd
  3. Jesus man this is just bad im not even shitting on you, put a little more effort into this. 
  4. you're silly , dude
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    I don't know what I expected, I wish I could unview your videos. You should just quit making them, please.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. seriously guys? fuck i thought i did a really good job on this one :/
  7. Well it's not all bad. You're video images that you make are really good and/or interesting. They make it seem like the video will be really good. I think we can all agree that they do an excellent job of suckering us in. Well except for the diet coke in the ass.
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    [quote name="dilatedmeatballs" post="19461548" timestamp="1391484653"]seriously guys? fuck i thought i did a really good job on this one :/[/quote]You try so hard but it's just not funny. Some people just don't have it and you may be one of them ...If you have fun good for you and keep, making them if it makes you feel happy but gosh stop posting them here we got it ...Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Please just make one thread for all these so I can know not to open it ever again. Hate to shit on someone's dreams but the few I've actually watched aren't slightly funny Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  10. Minecraft is the most fucking gayest game in the whole damm world
  11. Lol, some people ay... Some retarded stuff...
  12. alright i get it you guys don't think i'm funny, you think I'm gay and lame and you want me to kill myself or take a bunch of pills and die or something :/
  13. no one wants you dead. but you sure as hell arent good at the youtube thing and probably are gay or bi.
  14. Guys... i kinda liked this one.Does this make me gay?
  15. yeah your gay just like me now
  16. [quote name="dilatedmeatballs" post="19461754" timestamp="1391486604"]yeah your gay just like me now[/quote]Lol dude... you got a nice camera... vid quality is top notch.It's your delivery. Don't script it. Your voice, tone and speech are hilariously awkward. I love that kinda shit.But don't write it out and 'perform' so to speak. Get high, and just rap about the topic. Improvise. Some of the best comedians just get fucked up, go on stage and complain about shit. I did a few short stand ups here at the local laff spot.I was so hammered i barely remember what i did/said but my friends all said i had people pissing/crying. I was just ranting about the dumbest shit, like how come girls dress up like filthy diiiirty whores to go to walmart, n den you're looking at the outline of their camel toe due to the tightness of their yoga pants.... they catch you n give you a dirty look. Bitch, i can see the outline of your clitoris, don't give ME a dirty look.
  17. ^
    If you got stoned out of your freaking mind and then turned on a camera, I might find that entertaining. 

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