How to get a free ride home

Discussion in 'General' started by LostBegonia, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. Have a public meltdown, convince the police to take you to a mental hospital, after the hospital releases you they will provide a free cab ride home

    *results may vary depending on the laws and hospital policies in your area
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  2. I’d have to ask if the cab could take me to a bar instead.
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  3. In my area, I am pretty sure the mental hospital allows you to ask for the cab to take you somewhere else and the hospital pays for it
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  4. HA Ha you clown you haven't this shit .
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  5. Stoners with access to the Internet makes life worth living.
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  6. I wonder if Britney will have to pay for her flight back from Mother Russia.
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  7. no matter what if in anyway the cops think your danger to yourself or anyone else they are keeping you .
    Some free ride,
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  8. And then call saferides for a free ride home?
  9. The way it works, at least in my area, is the police think you're a danger to yourself or others and take you to the mental hospital, then a doctor sees you to decide if they need to keep you and if the doctor thinks you're fine they pay for a cab ride home.

    I am joking in actually recommending this strategy though, I would never seriously recommend it because even if it does work as intended it would still be terribly impractical because of the inconvenient length of time you have to wait to see the doctor. It also has multiple ways it can backfire; police can take you to jail instead of a hospital (especially if they figure out you're doing it on purpose and not mentally disoriented), or if you do too good of a job looking like you need to be in hospital the doctor can decide you need to stay there. or, if the hospital thinks you did this to abuse the system, I think they may be able to refuse to pay for a cab for you.
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  10. I am getting ready to take flying lesson. I really want my own helicopter or a plane.
    My friend says i am going to die. He is most likely right.
    I have no issue with me being a little on the nutty side LOL .
    The thought of me being in a padded room for any amount of time is not a option for me.
    I have a car and a truck I dont go out and drink. Normally I never need a ride .
  11. At first i thought this was genius, then i remembered my mental health history and do not think it's a good idea.
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  12. I'm going to have to agree with you, especially with the very real possibility of an involuntary psychiatric hold.

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