How to get a female?

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  1. [quote name='"cats21"']So I just started growing and my plant is on day 2. I just wanted to know if theres any way I could make it so my plant is definitely a female? the seeds werent feminized so is there any other methods I could use to make sure my only plant that I have turns out to be female?

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    No, you can't make it female, that has already been genetically predetermined. If that were possible then there would be no need for feminized seeds.
  2. ^Exactly.

    Only way to make sure it's female is to get feminized seeds from reputable seed banks/breeders.
  3. It all sounds like it was made up by a stoned dude but here you go-
    Let me google that for you

    I would go to and start digging into info on dioecious plants if I really cared. The 50/50 ratio I've been enjoying has been good to me so far.

  4. What the above said its predetermined genetically..also cant tell for the most part till flowering.

    The 100% sure way of getting females is to buy feminized seeds off the internet.

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