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How to get a decent dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HunterLives420, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I live about 2 hours north of memphis TN. I'm 18 and sick of thugs and kids.

    Now don't get me wrong i have probably the best thug dealer in the world. Gives me fat sacks, he's polite, and he always has some pretty dank reg.

    BUT, i'm sick of reg, i want some chronic i want a dependable actual dealer, i want to be able to go to the guy and look at what i'm getting before i fork over 100 bucks for a quarter.

    How do i get in with a decent dealer.

    and if you know the area where do i get chronic in West TN?
  2. It's all about knowing people. I know one friend who blazes and he picks up for me sometimes, and he know's 3 guys that go to the clinic, and those 3 guys know other people who can get herb.

    You just gotta meet people, and if this is bad advice, sorry, I can't tell you how to find a dealer.

  3. ^^ this

    You have to make friends with other stoners, best way would be to go to a head shop and start talking to people.
  4. My friends have always known dealers through work or school. And they eventually become close friends. We used to party at our dealers house all the time in high school, and our current dealers are close friends of my boyfriend and myself.
    Keep your eye out for chill looking stoners, and see if they know someone. Buying off the street or from shady people is something you should always want to avoid.

    Maybe its just different in Minnesnowta.
  5. Just get out, meet people.
    Easiest way is to talk to people who smoke.

    My close friends grows small time in his basement.
    He hooks me fat, and it's some of the nicest bud I've smoked.

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