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How to get a dealer to go down 5-10$$?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BloodLust, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey! I was wondering some strategies to get a few dealers from

    A. Charging $20 per gram

    B. Charging $65 for an 8th.

    Would it be possible to get a 8th from 65 to at least 60 if not 55 by telling the dealer " I can get a G for 12 dollars" or something? I guess im asking is there any magic words that will just make them lower their price.:wave::smoking:
  2. Doubt itll work unless you guys are good friends lol.
    Dealers deal to make moneyyy
  3. One of them is but the other is iffy. But If I straight up say no, I can get it cheaper somewhere else wont they try to make the deal work? Like a car dealership, if they really want to make money they have to haggle.
  4. yea only way is if yal are good friends they gotta make money
  5. the magic words are "I'll get it somewhere else" but you'd better have someone else because you might not get a hookup from that dealer again.

    Tough to drive a bargain on illegal goods.

    Legalize the stuff and we can shop around for the best prices and the free market will help with that somewhat.
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    For that amount, I'd tell him no thanks. I'd say: "I'd rather just start growing that pay 65 for 3.5 grams.. 50 an eighth will keep me coming back. You have product, I have 50 bucks. Do you still want it?"
  7. Which I do, buying DANK DRO for $20 bucks is at least kind of worth it, but buying mids for the same price is ridiculous.
  8. just keep going back.prices will go down. you arent goiing to get the good prices right away. stay with him and keep buying prices will go down. but depends on the dealer as well.i always lucked out and my dealer was my best friend, so i was used to getting dank at cost. now i grow so i dont need to buy.:wave:
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    Uhmm.. If you keep going back without complaints, why would the dealer lower his prices when you're saying "yes" to outrageous pricing?
  10. Yeah, I've haggled my fair share, but it was never with dealers who were also friends. The friends/dealers would always hook me up with an extra G or two ontop of it already being 10-20 dollars cheaper than their competition. In return, we brought mad younger heads to our boy to buy. He was 3 years older than us, so his senior year we were freshman. Pretty solid system back then.

    But, dealers I wasn't close friends with or didn't know as well, I'd haggle a lot. Back in my old town, mad heads used to try and sell weed cause there was a lot of it, and everyone could find a different connection to get their ounces or QP's from. Thus, there was a lot of competition. You'd have up to 8 different places to go to get danks, and it was almost never dry.

    So, if one person is charging 50/8th of danks, I'll call another dude and tell him the price of that kid's bud, and be like, "Yo, I've always liked you more and want you to do better, so hook me up with a 45 dollar 8th and I'll buy from you instead every time I need a bag". It ended up being a game of who could smoke the least amount of their stash, go the lowest while still making a profit, and recruit the most kids into their customers. I once got an 8th of danks down to 35 dollars after 3 phone calls :wave:

    But yeah, I'd try saying you can go somewhere else and get it cheaper, but would rather buy from him, and will have more money for him if he hooks you up. If he says no, oh well. Shake it off and tell him you'll pay the extra 5-10 dollars. If, for some reason, he gets offended and won't sell to you, make sure you had set up a back up that was the same price if not cheaper beforehand.
  11. I really discourage doing this, but you could just simply say, "Hey mane i have X amount of money, how much weed will you give me for that?"

    Or "you have an 8th for 60?"

    20/gram is typical in my area, and I have never seen a gram for cheaper than that unless its not good weed, therefore I don't think you should ask for less unless its mids or something.
  12. Ask ur friend then, he might help you lol,cause 65 is pretty ridiculous for an eighth anywhere imo
  13. i don't haggle once the deal has been arranged. a couple times i've gone to pick up, and my dealer has tried to fuck me (first time pick ups both times) by five or ten bucks. i just tell him this is all i brought, take it or leave it. idk man, it's bullshit either way to haggle once everything's been arranged. if i was him, and i expected 20$ when i arrived i'd be pissed off if i get anything less. especially if i came to you.
  14. There is some truth to this. The longest period of time I had a dealer was in 8th grade, from this 19 year old kid named "K". He originally just happened to see me go to his boy's house to buy a bag, and then took me to the side and said he could get better bud cheaper, and gave me his number. I was still paying 20 a gram for danks and 10 a gram for mids, but it was cheaper than the other guy.

    I bought off of him steady for almost a year and a half. By the time 6 months had gone by, he let me in on the fact he could get an unmentionable food item that also causes a trip. Hooked me up with a sample bag for free. And my trips there had changed from him weighing it out, transaction, and dipping, to him having it ready, me matching or him going all in on a joint/blunt, and puffing it with him while shootin' the shit and smoking a cig after, then peacing. We ended up being pretty good friends, and he would go out of his way to hook me up with bags when he'd turn down my other friends. He'd always tell them to have me get it for them cause he trusted me.

    So, steadily the prices dropped. The month before he stopped dealing because he was going into the army, I was paying 10 a gram for danks and 5 a gram for mids. I miss "K"
  15. Honestly if you said straight up, i can get a gram for 12$ he would probably go say, Ok, go buy it. lol.

    just ask, yo can i get an eighth for 60, if he says no, he says no. def dont beg. keep buying, dealers give hook ups to constant customers.

    after a while every pickup is going to be a hookup ;)

    but really, if he is at the very end of the line, hes probably making 20$ or so an eighth so i doubt he drops price. hes gotta profit too, and the guy selling to him profits, and so on and so forth, price just gets higher at the end of the chain. move up it.

    find the town's supplier and you get a super hook up ;)
  16. Yeah he will give me 15 a G... But its a 90 mile drive back and forth, and a 2 hour drive. So fuck that. The one for 20 a G of dro is maybe a 10-20 minute drive, the one that im trying to haggle is a 40 minute drive or so.

  17. Yeah, for those prices :eek:, I would go somewhere else. I get charged about 45 for a 8th and 15 per gram. Sorry dude.

    I would also suggest the 'I will go somewhere else then.' but as someone else said, you may loose him as a dealer as I find some dealers are sensitive about loyalty.
  18. This one isnt, the dealer im trying to haggle with is more of a fucking dumbass. We will end up spending easily 1 hour waiting for him at the spot he told us until he tells us another.

  19. Oh, I HATE the ones that leave you waiting for hours on end at places on end. I am so fortunate to find the guy I have. But if he is out, then I have to deal with THAT guy. Lol! Good luck to you at finding good prices! :bongin:
  20. You ask him "aye how many grams you got for $$$?" if they don't fit your price move on they'll realize they don't got the deals. that's it.


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