How to get a deaf girl to have sex with you

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    Me and a buddy came across this scenario yesterday as we just finished a little session and went to del taco. While we were there we cam across this fine ass deaf woman.

    You have to try and get her to fuck you without using sign language, passing a note, or even talking for that matter.

    How do you do it? think out of the box guys
  2. Index finger.

    Point at her, point at cock.

  3. Learn sign language I guess. Fuck, that's a tricky one!
  4. with my sexually advanced dance moves, thats how
  5. Tell her you want a fig newton. She'll read your lips and get the point.
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    Write on a piece of paper "DTF?"
  7. deaf people get horny too
  8. Write a sign, that's basically the only way unless you want to go through 2 years of sign language classes just to get laid for 10 minutes.
  9. Im not looking for the obvious answers!! I was just seeing what kind of creative shit you guys could come up with. but it was a bust
  10. Just whip out your cock, she'll get the idea.
  11. You havent watched Jericho, have you?
  12. *reads title* Instant subbed, thread has potential. :cool:
  13. rape her.

    you didn't say it had to be willingly. ;)
  14. If she is deaf how is she working at del taco. :confused:
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    She was in Weeds too.
  16. I would do this:

    [ame=]YouTube - Rave Biker (Mordeth13!)[/ame]

    She won't be able to refuse my d.
  17. Wink and smile.

    If you're attractive it will work.

  18. *heads to netflix to catch up on weeds*
  19. Dang shit must get awkward when she works the drivethru!

    I kid, I kid. I couldn't resist. ;)
  20. Well basically, you could walk past her, but "slip on something" and end up falling on top of her, make sure she ends up on the ground underneath you. Here comes the catch, you have to make sure you have an erection before you fall on her :p hahahahaha. So by the time you are lying on top of her with a throbbing hard on in front of everybody, she will definitly feel it. At which point you look at her, and just raise one eyebrow with the sort off " hey how you doing girl?" look on your face. At this point, she will write you a note. On this note it will say " take me here and now, on the floor of del Taco, in front of everybody." Thats how i would do it. And i know it would work :D hahahahahah...........sorry.......... but still, consider that next time you see a fine deaf girl.

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