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How To Get A Better Taste Of Bud??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hey can someone please help me get the best taste out of my bud (haven't had a real good taste of bud) im not really smoking out of glass right now haven't had the money but recently got a job so buying glass soon... I dont use anything special except a lighter! Will the glass give me a better taste of the bud? 

  2. 1) Don't just use glass, but use clean glass.
    2) Get rid of the lighter and use a glass rod or hemp wick, butane is gross.
    3) Vaporizors usually give a good taste that is much more flavorful than smoking.
  3. Can i clean it with rubbing alcohol?
  4. Better to get Isopropyl alcohol the higher the percentage the better
  5. Easily, you also want to use a little bit of table salt (like a 1-3 pinches depending on bowl size). Shake it real good, and repeat if you need to. Run hot water through it for about a minute to make sure there is no alcohol and your good to smoke once it is dry. I highly recommend the 91% ISO alcohol as it gets the job done.
  6. maybe you need better weed, i love the taste of the stuff that i finished off a few days ago, mmm, gotta get me some more of that!
  7. Save up for a vape. Best way to enjoy the flavor of your flowers.
  8. ^The president has spoken!
  9. #9 420Poak, May 19, 2013
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    Yeah a vape is the only way to fully enjoy the taste
    I have a mflb and the taste is one of the reasons why I love it
  10. Yea I will agree on the vape. Crazy amount of flavor out of them. 
  11. TL;DR: i put 2 nuggets in the center and front of the pipe i smoke the front weed, smoke goes into the unburnt weed flavors it gets you higher and has better taste dual weed flavor
    to be honest what i do lol is i have a straight crack pipe  5 inches long about 9mm wide  not to smoke crack just easier to clean a straight pipe so what i do is i take a metal screen put it in the middle of the pipe then push weed in very lightley packed then i put a screen in the front as you would normally do plus the metal filter so there is double weed put the weed in the center is not burned just adding flavor so when u smoke that center placed weed its full of the thc from the weed in the front then its like super dank plus i hold the smoke in my lungs plus my mouth so when i exhale the smoke from my lungs then i inhale the smoke that was in my mouth which had time to get soaked in my cums thats the full flavor or u can just keep yor piece in ur bag or what ever so it really soakes up thr weed smell
  12. YES, vapes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g for taste, but I would highly recommend a nice glass bong (hand blown ones are rad) and a nice roll of hemp wick, simply because you get an amazing classic high from the bong but also get the full flavors from using hemp wick. been using this method for about a year now and I can say I don't plan on going back anytime soon. vapes are rad and all, but the high just doesn't cut it for me.

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