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How to get a 1 hitter to stop pulling through

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lazy727, May 13, 2010.

  1. My 1 hitter is one of those cig shaped ones. It always pulls my stuff into my mouth as soon as i drag on it. what can i do to prevent this?
  2. Ya I have one of those too but I haven't used it in AGES having a couple glass spoons an Iolte and a Illadelph bong...

    Just pack it real tight and try not too pull through very hard...Your still gonna get a little in your mouth every once in a while but that should help...Pack a little bit off of a nug first then a little grinded up weed and dip it in kief :smoking:

    You just inspired me to use mine right now lol...
  3. No dude. this thing isnt just kinda pulling through. This thing is going straight to my mouth before it can even generate smoke. The only thing i could come up with is getting it more resonated so it's slightly clogged up.
  4. Pack it tighter or get some screens. I just bought my first pack of screens for my bong and they're amazing. I get so much more out of the weed in my bong with them.
  5. Hmm yours must have a larger I.D. than mine...Ya just try packing it much tighter I can't really see you getting a screen in there if yours is anything like mine....
  6. Put a nugget in it not ground up shit. Smoke it a bunch and try to get it resonated. If your still having issues try making sure when u rip it to do it very slowly and lightly. Mine is so resonated on the inside now that it rarely pulls anything through, I usually have to use one of my gfs hair pins to get the res out because it builds up so much.

    edit: also do you have just the cig looking bat or a dugout too? Like the container where u put the weed in one side and the bat/cig thing in the other?
  7. Rami.Nauja just reminded me about something actually;

    Try using stems or a big piece of the weed to create a barrier at the bottom of your bowl. I usually put a piece of a stem or two at the bottom of my bowl and I find it to help me.
  8. I have a dugout that I use all the time. I share my two secrets for the lil bastard

    1. Grind your weed and pack it in there tight
    2.Let the resin build up, to a certain point. It hold the bud in.
    (3). Dont be a hero, sometime wounded solidier must be left to their fate. Remember and honor them, but do not attempt to resurrect them into a frankenbowl
  9. If its around the same size as a cig, smoker friendly sells some nifty filter things that attach to the end of cigarettes.
  10. I have a cigarette looking one as well. Don't grind up your bud. Use little chunks and pack them tight. Also, clear it in one hit. Shouldn't go in your mouth if you do those two things.
  11. You literally said everything I should have said;

    No grinding
    Pack tight bowls, only one hit in each
  12. Whenever i did have a 1 hitter i would basically break off tiny bits of nug and shove it in there to solve the bits-in-the-mouth problem
  13. quit pulling so hard.& pack it a lil tighter
  14. put a roach in it
  15. Gonna try the nugget thing. weird thing is when i first got it i didnt have this problem. It's too skinny for a screen.
  16. When you pack your oney get all of your weed that you plan on smoking ground up fairly fine, and gather it all into one pile.
    To pack it just kind of stab down on the pile with your oney and repeat this until its packed tight.
    It usually stops pulling through once it gets res'd up a little bit, or else try inhaling a bit slower and smoother instead of trying to rip it hard like you would with a bong.
  17. A glass screen.
    Or a metal one, but the glass is so much nicer.
  18. [​IMG]

    Under your kitchen/bathroom sinks lie a small circular metal screen, it's pretty brittle for you can probably fix it into your one hitter and have a nice little bowl for it. I use this method for my bowl when smoking hash.
  19. Screen. Cut, the screen.
  20. smoke dank sticky bud and don't grind it up if you are having trouble. Break it up by hand or scissors and pack it in. It should all stick together and work great.

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